Pink Panther Gets Fit! | 50 Minute Sports Compilation

(WIND BLOWING) (YELPS) (INHALES DEEPLY) Ah! Solitude! Whoa! Whoa! Hey, what (YELPS) Yeesh! (STRAINING) (PANTING) That felt like rush hour! (GRUNTING) (SCREAMS) (GASPS) Where'd that monstrosity come from? (SCREAMS) (YODELING) (BOTH GRUNT) (THUD) (GRUNTS) Remove yourself from my mountain, pink fellow! My new resort isn't for (SCOFFS) Bunny slopers like you

You schuss like a wuss! Oh, yeah? Well, you hot-dog like a weenie! Huh? (SKIERS SHOUTING AND LAUGHING) Aha! Avalanche alert! Clear the area immediately! (CHUCKLING) (HORN HONKS) Boy, I must be coming down with something (HORN HONKING) (SNOW RUMBLING) Avalanche! (SCREAMS) (SCREAMING) (SEAL BARKING) MUCK LUCK: Stop, seal! Oh, stop! Come here, seal! Whoa! Aah! (THUD) Huh? Muck Luck! What brings you down to this latitude? Muck Luck let sacred seal get away Now must either catch seal or change name and never show face in village again Man, that would be awful (STRAINING) Aah! Oof! for all of us

Don't worry Muck Luck catch seal with special seal horn (HORN HONKS) (BOTH GASP) MUCK LUCK: Oh, crud! I'd like to help you, Muck Luck, but I've got problems of my own S'okay! Muck Luck got everything under control (SEAL BARKING) (GASPS) Sacred seal! (SEAL BARKING) Ah! Stop, seal! Oh, stop! JEAN CLAUDE: Gangway, bunny! (YELPS) Oh, dear

Whoa! -(YODELING) -Aah! (YELLS) (GRUMBLING) I'm having a problem with this From now on, trespassers will be Snow-coned! (YODELING) -Whee! -Freeze, Jean Claude! Ha! Try and make me! (GASPS AND SCREAMS) (TREES CLATTER LIKE BOWLING PINS) Hmm! It's a pink thing

(GROWLING) You idiot! You bowled me into those trees! So what's your problem? You got a strike! I told you to stay away from my snow schussing And I told you to stay off my property! No, you didn't Well, I meant to In Eskimo village We settle arguments with big winter sport contest Muck Luck! Did you catch the sacred seal? No, Muck Luck taking lunch break Blubber, anyone? A contest, eh? Oui! Winner stays! (FRENCH ACCENT) Loser goes! Better go rent your moving van, Pinky (NORMAL ACCENT) Put your luge where your mouth is, slush for brains! (FLAG WHIPS AND CRACKS) (SEAL BARKING) (GRUNTS) Sacred seal! -Whoa! -Oh, gosh! Whoa! Muck Luck! (SCREAMING) Whoa! Aah! Oof! This time, Muck Luck won't miss

(SEAL BARKING) Whoa! (YELLING) (YODELING) ANNOUNCER: And Jean Claude leads after the luge event (GRUMBLES) You! (WHISTLING) (CROWD CHEERING) (SEAL BARKING) Come here, seal! Whoa! Aah! (SEAL BARKING) (SCREAMS) Aah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Aah! ANNOUNCER: And after two events, Jean Claude still holds the lead (SNICKERING) Hey! Huh? (SPITS) (BARKING) MUCK LUCK: Sacred seal! ANNOUNCER: And the Panther finally gets on the scoreboard Surrender, squirt! I'm ahead in the points Then how about we make this last event double or nothing? Ha! Bet you never jumped from this high before

-(WIND GUSTING) -Ha-ha! I've fallen from higher than this! I want you off my mountain in five minutes! (SEAL BARKING) MUCK LUCK: Sacred seal! Oh, please, no! Whoa! Oh, crud! (CROWD CHEERING) (YODELING) A new record! Beat that, you pink Whoa! (BELL RINGING) (CROWD CHEERING) Here And don't lose him again

(HELICOPTER WHIRRING) Ah, yes Solitude (SEAL BARKING) Seal didn't come to village, so village came to seal And he won't get away again! (HORNS BLOW) VILLAGERS: Oh, crud PINK PANTHER: Okay, guys, stop this puck! (GROANS) (WHIMPERS) -Ahhh! -(BUZZES) Not bad, Brillo you didn't even hide your eyes that time

MANAGER: What kind of captain are you? This team stinks You win tonight's game against the Thug Suckers, or you're fired! (PLAYER GASPS) -(STEPS RUMBLING) -Huh? -(ALL SNARLING) -We can beat these guys They're only human Well, almost human (ALL SCREAMING) Out of the way pink pants

There's a real hockey team here (EXCLAIMS) (GROANS) Whoops, you missed -(CHUCKLES) -(SNARLS) -Huh? -(SNARLING) Whoa! (GRUNTS) -PINK PANTHER: Yes! -(BUZZES) (CHUCKLES) (INDISTINCT TALKING) So he can skate He still needs a goalie Goalie? Oh

I know the coolest dude for the job He's got ice water in his veins, a frigid stare and he keeps my sodas cold The mighty The Mighty Bucks new goalie! Ha! Eh? (CHUCKLES) Goalie? This snow cone? (GASPS) (LAUGHING) When I get through, you'll be able to bite that guy back

(ZAPPING) Whoa! Slusho! Old buddy! Oh, happy day! Together again Say, who are you exactly? I'm you're team captain, you're my goalie Ooh! Dream of dreams What's a goalie? PINK PANTHER: All you have to do is stop the puck I think they look nice on me

Can I wear them out to dinner? This gives new meaning to the term "body-check" Hmm We're gonna have to put that snow cone on ice (ALL SNARL) Ice sculptures (CHUCKLES) Just what the doctor ordered

Oh! Whee! (LAUGHING) Ooh! (LAUGHS) Whee! (LAUGHS) THUG SUCKER: (ON SPEAKER) Mr Slusho, Mr Slusho Uh, please come to the parking lot You left your car lights on (EXCLAIMS) Oh, my (EXCLAIMS) car lights Wait, Slusho Uh, you don't even have a car

Oh They said I left my lights on But on what? The love doctor is in (IMITATING WOMAN'S VOICE) Dear Slusho! Oh, Slusho! -(EXCLAIMS) -Ooh! Whee! Ooh! (CHUCKLES) She could melt the ice right off a snow man Hello! Would you like to slalom sometime? Sorry snowball, little Cubette has places to go

Cubette! (SOBBING) Cubette? I think Slusho is getting snowed (EXCLAIMS) SLUSHO: Come back! My little Cubette! (CHUCKLES) That's right, slush for brains, keep following the ice queen Uh, hold on Cubette! I'll save you from that, uh, brute! (IMITATING WOMAN'S VOICE) Eh, Slusho, help! (EXCLAIMS) Oh! Something tells me Slusho doesn't have his mind on our hockey game Oh, be brave, my little snowflake, Slusho is here Shake your body you little icicle, -freezer face! -Oh! -(SPLASHING) -(EXCLAIMS) (ELECTRICAL CRACKLING) Slusho, the hockey game starts in a few minutes

Oh! Who can thinks about pucks at a time like this? I guess this means you lose the big game (LAUGHING) (CRACKLING) I'm crushed ice! My Cubette's in the tank So is my hockey career (CRACKLING) Oh! I'm gonna stand out in the sun and end it all Wait, the game ain't over until it's over, buddy

Oh? I never thought of it that way He's so smart This'll jump start their romance (SPLASHING) (CRACKLING) (ZAPPING) Say, good looking, did I give you a hot flash, or are you just melting? Oh You can't melt until the hockey game's over Come on! (CROWD CHEERING) (ORGAN PLAYING) The game starts in 30 seconds I'm gonna fry that panther! (CROWD CHEERING INTENSIFIES) (GRUNTING) (BLOWS WHISTLE) ANNOUNCER: (ON SPEAKER) Panther scores! Mighty Pucks, one, Thug Suckers, nothing (GROANS) Ice 'em boys! (CROWD CHEERING) Oh

I love a man who can hold on to his puck (CHUCKLES) Ahhh! -(CROWD CHEERS) -(BUZZES) And the Mighty Pucks score again! (ENGINE STARTS) Huh? Whoa! Oh! -(FIRING) -(LAUGHING) Eh? -(CROWD CHEERING) -Whee! (LAUGHS) -Ooh -(GROANS) (GRUNTING) This game ain't over! It's not over till it's over, I learnt that just today CROWD: (APPLAUDING) Slusho, Slusho, Slusho, Slusho! Oh, yes (CHUCKLING) For me? (CHUCKLING) Ooh, thank you

Oh, yes (LAUGHS) (GROANS) Oh, ho I feel all watery, maybe it's love Slusho, get out of that spotlight! -(BUZZER BUZZES) -ANNOUNCER:No! It's the Mighty Pucks, two, Thug Suckers, one (GRUNTS) Whoa! -(BUZZER BUZZES) -Make that Mighty Pucks, two, Thug Suckers, two

We have a tie game Don't you dare hurt one ice chip on my Slusho's empty head Ahhh! (GROANS) Thug Sucker puck in the side pocket (PUCK RICOCHETING) (GROANS) (BUZZES) Yes! The Mighty Pucks win at the buzzer, three to two (CROWD CHEERING) Panther! You've just won the big game and saved your job

What're you gonna do next? (IMITATING SLUSHO) Ooh, I wanna get a snow cone (EXCLAIMS) PINK PANTHER: Come on, baldy Uh, Mr La Bamba, uh, just give me a shot Look, kid, I told you's, we got a pitcher

Or maybe you's never heard of Rex Deball -(THUMP) -(MAN SCREAMING) -(CRASHING) -(GROANING) Of course, we're always on the lookout for fresh talent

Okay, kid, show us your stuff Uh, excuse me That's your stuff? Huh, we've known little kids with stomach flu who hurl farther than that, eh, Spalding? Readyo, Rex (GIGGLES) Face it, kid, when you stink, you stink Mr

La Bamba, I really want a spot on the team, worse than you can imagine Hmm, okay I got just the job for you's (CROWD BOOING) Well, at least I made the team You call that making the team? Giving our mangy mascot his daily flea dip? I guess you could say he's a flea agent, eh, Spalding? (LAUGHS) Ah, ignore him, dink

He's just a guy who talks to baseballs Yikes, oops Whoa, whoa Whoa, whoa Holy Toledo

Can you do that again? Only this time with a baseball and not through my hat? But I don't know how I Whoa, yikes Oops! Whoa, whoa, whoa

Whoa! And it's foul I refer, of course, to the pitching of Rex Deball But wait, what's this? Baldy La Bamba is bringing in a relief pitcher Oh, that is a relief in itself Rex, you're finished

Oh, coach Okay Kid, this is your big break Let's see some grit, some mental toughness, some heart And then strike the lousy bum out

Yikes, Oops Whoa, whoa, whoa Whoa ANNOUNCER: Whoa, what a pitch! Where did the Mutts find this kid? Oops Whoa, whoa, whoa

Whoa (SIZZLING) You're out (CROWD CHEERING) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ANNOUNCER: The score is tied, a hit by Rex Deball can win it right here Uh, here's the pitch

-You're out -Struck him out Now the pink kid steps up to the plate The pitch is on its way Yikes! Oh, yeah, yeah

ANNOUNCER: And the kid connects The Pink kid has rallied the Mutts to their first ever victory How about them Mutts? Steal my glory, will he? I think not Why, Rex Deball, ha ha Are you being a poor sport? Uh, shut up Spalding

I wasn't talking to you ANNOUNCER: Greetings from Mutts Stadium, where once again the visiting team is positively powerless against Pink's prodigious pitching prowess Ball, please Sure thing, pal Whaa! That does it! Now we're gonna have to play dirty

ANNOUNCER: Mutts enter World Series, pitching superstar to visit ailing kid fan Are you (CHUCKLES) Little Elmo? PINK PANTHER: Yoo-hoo! Little Elmo? Uh, are you (WHEEZING AND COUGHING)

the Pink kid? The one and only, my lad Aw! I was hoping for Rex Deball, but I guess you'll do Elmo? You know the Mutts are in the World Series? Hey, I may be sick, but I'm not stupid

Well, I'm gonna win the Series, and I'm gonna win it for you, Little Elmo And that's not all You know that special treatment you need to correct your lisp? Special treatment? Well, I'm gonna pay for it And here are the doctors now Wait, Sing a Song of Sixpence

See? I'm cured, see? It's okay, it's a miracle No! Ah! No, no You think the coach will let me play today? BALDY: Don't let me down, kid It's the final game of the Series and I can practically taste that trophy It tastes like metal with some writing on it

Mmm-hmm Okay, Dink, time to play ball So, that's your secret Let's see how you pitch without that itch It's the last game of the World Series folks, and the Pink kid is pitching for the Mutts

(CROWD CHEERING) MAN: We love you, kid WOMAN: You are the greatest No flea can withstand the power of flea magnetism Right, Spalding? Huh? Huh? ANNOUNCER: Oh, no Something's wrong with the kid

Baldy La Bamba has no choice but to take the kid out and put Rex Deball in the game Your pitching days are over, pal You and your mutt are finished We've been itching for this moment, right, Rexie? Rightyo, Spalding Itching? Dink, the flea, it's fled

You haven't got it, have you? My flea Ah-ha Uh-oh (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Kid, get your carcass out there, you're up next Score tied, bases loaded with two outs

The Pink kid's pitching has gone the park But can he still hit the long ball? Here's the delivery, strike one Strike two Oh, man ANNOUNCER: He swings

Hooky smokes, look at that ball go Incredible The Muttville Mutts win the World Series (CROWD CHEERING) WOMAN: Oh, oh, my God Oh, my God

Oh Well, I guess it's the showers for us, Spalding Well, Dink, I may have lost my flea, but I still swing a mean piece of number (DOG BARKING) -(TIRES SCREECH) -Yes! My patented three bank shot (SNAPS) Happy-happy birthday, Mama, X-X-O-O

Love, Johnny I'm sending you a present for your birthday I love you, Mama -(CROWD CHEERING) -(MARCHING BAND PLAYING) (GROWLING) But I hate (ECHOING) football! Every year those scum buzzards have the big game on your birthday But not this year, Buster Brown

No, no Nay, nay Uh-uh No (LAUGHING) Ball-y

JOHNNY: How about a little foot-gumball? Hello, pretty colors Hi, hi, hi (LAUGHING) When Johnny's big gum bomb goes off, buddy, game's over! Por fin Seven years to digest it, pal (CLOCK TICKING) (SIGHS) (EXCLAIMING) Yo, blue boy

(LAUGHS) Excuse me, my fine man I've got a special present here for my mama Not to worry, citizen Nothing will stop the mail I am a professional

Whoops! And now to see that football season starts off with a bang (LAUGHS) Uh-oh Don't step on the crack, don't step on the crack Uh? (SCREAMS) -(WHISTLING) -Yo, heads up! Incoming gum bomb (SCREAMS) -(WOBBLES) -(SINGING) ♪ It's your birthday ♪ It's your stupid birthday Yeah, it's your birthday Boy, you're really old ♪ (SPITS) Nice breath, clown boy

No Oh, no! I've mailed the bomb to Mom I gotta get that package back Return to sender, baby -(BEEPING) -(MAN ON PA) Calling postal person Panther

Be on the lookout for Johnny Chucklehead He's suspected of double-licking his stamps and impersonating an envelope Mr Chucklehead won't get anything past me, sir You can count on it

Ooh, my little baby Hi Hold on Hello, my little Baby Hello, my baby Hello Oh, cha-ching, buddy

-(GROANING) -(EXCLAIMS) Trying to tamper with the mail, were you? Oh, hi (CHUCKLES) Glad I caught you, babe, you look super Look, I need to get that little package back 'cause there's been a terrible mistake Hold it! You're in violation of code 4308-2 "Participating in post parcel pandemonium "perpetuated on postal personnel," period

(GROANING) (HOWLING) I'll get you (HOWLING) (GIGGLING) Yeah, the old weather master XJ 9 oughta put a pink kink in your tail, buddy boy (EXCLAIMING) -Help! -(BEEPING) Postal person Panther You're not letting a little rain interfere with your mail delivery, are you? Of course not (EXCLAIMS) He's getting away

(GROWLS) I don't like this A little snow oughta frost your pumpkin, pony boy Yoink! JOHNNY: Hey! Hey! (EXCLAIMS) Talk about a snow job (SCREAMS) (SHIVERING) (GRUNTS) Time to call in the professionals (DOGS BARKING) (LAUGHING EXCITEDLY) (DOGS BARKING) (EXCLAIMS) (AIR WHOOSHING) Oh, yeah! This, this is going to be bad

I have an instinct (EXCLAIMS) Oh, fire hydrant on my head Dogs coming Not a good thing (EXCLAIMS) This is wrong

-Get off of me Hey stop that -(DOGS CONTINUE BARKING) Come on guys, I don't have any medical Go! (BLOWS) Never mess with a postal worker Hey, Mama will help me

Mama will clean me G-gone to Miami? Without me? Sh-she doesn't love me (CRYING) But she will, after I stop football on her birthday And I'll let him do my dirty work for me (DOOR OPENS) -Special delivery

-Super, gre-great super Thanks buddy, just a second I've got another package for you

(GRUNTING) Needs some stampage Stampage, stampage I need this delivered to the stadium right away It-it's the game ball Uh

Why do you have the game ball? Oh, I make them (CHUCKLES) Somebody has to make them See, here's the ball for next week

(CHUCKLES) It's not finished yet Say hello to Kevin (GRUNTS AND SQUEALS) (MARCHING BAND PLAYING) Game ball delivery Put it on the x-ray conveyor (ELECTRONIC WHISTLING) (ALARM BLARING) Hey, that's a bomb

Hey, what do you got in your pockets huh? (KEYS JINGLE) There's more than one way to collect the mail (MARCHING BAND PLAYING) Hey, that was easy -(RUMBLING) -Huh? -(BEEPING) -Postal person Panther Have you delivered all your parcels promptly? Um Working on it, sir (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) Tennis, anyone? (EXCLAIMS) (GRUNTING) -(CROWD CHEERING) -(HORN BLOWING) Panther one, bone-head zip -(THUMPING) -(EXCLAIMS) -(THUD) -(SCREAMING) I hate it when I get cocky (SNAPS) 35

54 Extra-large Um Hike Tag You're it (GRUNTING) (SQUEAKING) You know, I've always been an athletic supporter


(CLOCK TICKING) Yikes! Bomb's away! Happy birthday, Mama Oceans of love now (CHUCKLES) -(AIR WHOOSHING) -I hope this finds you in Miami

Huh? (GROANS) (EXCLAIMS) -(CLOCK TICKING) -Hey, that's my football Why, I-I-I Oh, boy

(SCREAMS) Where's our football? -(JINGLING) -(VARIOUS ANIMAL SOUNDS) Hey, look over there He's got your ball -(SCREAMS) -(GRUNTING) -(SCREAMING) -(GRUNTING) (EXCLAIMS) Help, I've been blindsided

(CLOCK TICKING) (WHIMPERS) (CHOKING) (GROWLING) Whoa! (BOTH GROANING) -(BEEPING) -Postal person Panther You're out of uniform Sorry, Chief But I'm having some minor problems (CLOCK TICKING) (GASPS) Yeah! Now try to find the bomb, little Mr

Mail Boy (CHUCKLING) I love this part (EXCLAIMING) Whoa! Fetch, boys! (LASER FIRING) Eeny, meeny, miney, moe, catch an explosive by the -(CLOCK TICKING) -Ticking clock! Yikes! So witness (CHUCKLES) A few more seconds -And it's bubblegum blast off buddy

-(CLOCK TICKING) Well, the word "oops" leaps to mind (CHUCKLES) (EXPLOSION) (PINK PANTHER THEME PLAYING) Mr Chucklehead

You failed to put proper postage on this package I'm returning it for postage due (SINGING) ♪ It's your birthday It's your stupid birthday ♪ It's your birthday Boy, you're really old ♪ (SPITTING) Get off me, clown! Think about a day job (GRUNTS) DIRECTOR: Listen up, wannabes In order to become Beefy Barbarian, you've got to be buff, tough

-(GROWLING) -(BOTH GRUNT) and desperate to get on TV The rules are simple Beat the reigning champion Attila the Killa in a sudden-death obstacle course (GROWLING) If you win, you become the new Beefy Barbarian If you lose, we'll notify your next of kin

So, who wants to put their life on the line for a TV show? ALL: Ooh, me, me, me! Me, me, me! Okay, I want you, you, you, and you Ah! Hey, what about me? (LAUGHING) I've seen veggie platters with more meat on 'em Oh, yeah? Brains will beat brawn any day, and this guy's no rocket scientist Hey, was that an insult? (GROANING) (GRUNTS) Next! (CLATTERING) Hmph! Hey, Attila! Yeah, you! Let me see you try that again, pal! (PUNCHING, SCREAMING) (CRASHES) (THUD) (GRUMBLING) All right, so you got lucky Take th-aa-at! -(CLATTERING) -MAN: Man, you stink! It's the garbage

No, I mean your style If you want to beat Beefy Barbarian, you need me, to train ya! (SNIFFING) A bath wouldn't hurt, either I don't need a trainer I can outsmart Attila Ah, he'll eat you for breakfast and still have room for flapjacks! I know

I trained him Then why do you want to train me? Ah, the bum dumped me when he became a hotshot TV star Besides, I'd love the challenge of taking a pink bag of bones and turning 'em into a Beefy Barbarian Was that an insult? Darn tootin' it was -(DOG BARKING) -(CAT YOWLING) The most important part of athletic conditioning is stretching

Peak performance comes from being loose Whoa! I felt that Yaaai! Uh-huh, yeah I'm feeling pretty loose Really, I am! Hey, you're not even halfway to limber

You need more dynamic tension (STRAINED) I got all the tension I need right now, thanks! (GROANS AND YELLS) I hope I'm cleared for take-off! Whoa! Aah! (CRASHING) Gimme a pull-up! (GROANING) (PANTING) How was that? Terrible So, while I set up your training table, do 999 more Ah! (HUMMING) The best way to bulk up is through exercise and eating right Now, what do you like on your deep-fried hoagie? Mayonnaise, mustard, lard

The usual (SIGHS) Thank you Hey, no cheating in my gym! When you cheat, you only hurt yourself (STRAINING) Yiii! -(GRUNTS) -Aah! (CRASHING) and sometimes your trainer This'll tell us what kind of shape you're really in

(WHIRRING) Faster! Faster! Good! Now, keep that up 'til I get back (WHIRRING) (HUMMING) (CHAINSAW BUZZING) Oh! Oi! (PANICKING) (YELLS) Hey That

Hurts! No pain, no gain Whoa-oh! I am starting to look rather buff The only thing buff about you is your tail

We've got one last desperate hope It's a car wash Used to be Now it's "the Bufferator" Builds your pecs, lats, triceps, biceps, and abs all at once

What, no hot wax? (WHIRRING) Huh? Aah! (SPUTTERING) (GRUNTING) How was it? Anybody ever make it out of that thing alive? (GROANING) (THUD) Whoa! (YELLS IN SURPRISE) Whoo! (GASPS AND YELLS) Ahh! It's working! You're a sculptured Adonis You're the Panthenator DIRECTOR: Let's have a big barbarian cheer for today's contestant, the Panthenator! CROWD: (CHEERING) Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! So, we meet again, you backstabbing, double-crossing, good-for-nothing bum! Hey, are you one of my fans? You don't know me? I made you what you are! Mom? Coach! I was your coach! (SCRATCHING) Okay, barbarians, take your marks! Hey, you may look all muscle-y wussle-y, but underneath, you're still a pipsqueak, you know what I'm saying? Whoa! Oh, boo DIRECTOR: Get ready -Set -(GROWLING) -(GROWLING) -Go! -Yeow! Oof! -(THUD) You're going down, Panthenator

(LAUGHS) (GROANING) I knew we should have trained harder (CROWD CHEERING) And Attila heads into the rope-a-dope well ahead of the Panthenator -Huh? -(BUBBLING) (CROWD CHEERING) (LAUGHING) Here you go Catch, okay? (YELPING) It's a one-barbarian race as Attila reaches cannonball-istic run! (CLANGING) Whoa! (YELPS) Hey Hey, batter, batter, batter, batter

Swing! The Pinkster shoots! He scores! Okay, eh? Ooh! Bad break for the Panthenator Blasted Attila right into our final event It looks like Attila the Killa will remain Beefy Barbarian! Don't give up, kid Come on Go get him! Whoa! Wait! The challenger isn't out of it yet! CROWD: Panthenator! (CROWD CHEERING) You're mine, meat for brains

You pile of fluff, I'll pulverize ya! Neither contestant wants to fall here or they'll end up in the dreaded poodle pit -Huh? -(BARKING) Who dreams up these dumb games? Whoa! (TIRE SQUEALS) PINK PANTHER: Yo, Attila! Hey, how do you do that? You don't have time to hear about it It's a long "tail" -(THUD) -(DOGS BARKING AND GROWLING) (CROWD CHEERING) Incredible! This pink cream puff is our new Beefy Barbarian! I have you to thank, Coach Nah, you were right, ya bum! Using your tail was using your head

Brains beat brawn after all ATTILA: Whoa! Nice fluffy dogs! Aah! Hasta la vista, Attila!

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