MP-SPORTS DAKAR 2019 – Stage 5

Tough fight, big performance of us both, we didn´t make any mistake today and it ended well "

and then 300 metres, watch out, heavy braking, here it is! The start today was quite silly as we started from far back and we were struggling the whole day to get to the front, having troubles with Kamaz trucks We got so much dust from them and have lost a lot of time and power there, but at the end managed to get as 9th car or so to the finish We overtook many carsbut 150 kms to the finish we hit a big stone, car started to brake badly and vibrated a lot, so I felt disconcerted and drove carefully not to make any bigger damage So I was really shitting bricks the whole marathon stage, yesterday and today, but we are here back and at the end of the day, the result is not bad Car is really heavy battered and the sounds it makes when I accelerate it is like old buscrazy! The rest day really helps Team worked perfectly, assistance changed the differential overnight on the marathon stage, guys have checked the car completelly, so the team strategy turned out well and works At the beginning it was faster and technical, what I enjoyed a lot, we overtook cars there and got ourselves into perfect pace Then a lot of mega-difficult fesh-fesh places but we also coped without getting stucked We hit one unmarked hole but the impact was not that big and we are now kind of used to it

So far it is the best position I ever had, so I appreciate that very much and hope that in the second half we will be able to push much more

Source: Youtube

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