MP-SPORTS DAKAR 2019 – Stage 4

We had a great ride Had a free way, no cars in front or behind us, so we felt very comfortable

We were around 5th or 6th place what was perfect But some 30kms after the start driveshaft has broken, in the midlle of fesh-fesh totally crazy zone We wanted to repair the car with own hands, just a hammer and rough power, smash the shaft back We have locked and connected the differential to continue just on 3 wheels The loss was huge, over 40 minutes at the end

And the whole nice day was spoiled Big fesh-fesh and stony fields we have to drive through Either you had to close your eyes and go with full throttle, waiting if the wheels will manage, or go slowly and carefully to survive that somehow We had a puncture just on km 13 and lost good position on the track, which is crucial in the fesh-fesh We made a big hit with our car while overtaking another one, what recalled me our Morroco crash and I was just waiting to go over the roof again

Luckily the car has landed back on wheels Tomorrow is the longest stage of the whole race, most time in fesh-fesh Fortunatelly our fast assistance truck has brought us spare parts, and mechanics from the truck take care now about my car, changing the whole front differential, becase it suffered a lot while driving just on 3 wheels So big job to be done on the car, hope it will be ready to continue tomorrow I expect a lot of problems in the fesh-fesh with difficult overtaking

I think it will be another stage we will not be able to enjoy much as we could on the beginning today, but it is how it is So finally we are in full action, we had to help Martin a bit with changing of the driveshaft Also we had to change the front differential, we are working on it now with Radek Baculík

We will do everything necessary and then the same on car of Tomáš Ouředníček, so guys can continue tomorrow for the best possible result The track itself was so rough for cars, so only after we will fix them, we can go to bed

Source: Youtube

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