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    – Hey GQ It's Kyle Kuzma here, and today, I'm going undercover on the internet

    And it's actually me [piano music] [computer keys typing] [mumbles] What was happening there? This looks like I'm like crazy, but you know, me and Bron we're doing our handshake And everyone on the team has handshakes, and I had a good game, Bron had a good game, you know, just felt the need to you know, dap each other up Posted Oh Oh I can slide this up

    Bro what's it like in space jam? I'm not in the movie, but I think you're talking about how my swag is out of this world maybe? Thank you? You know, it's pretty galactic Boom So this next one: Drop the skin care routine king I don't need a moisturizer I don't need a toner, you know

    What ever you guys got to use Bar of soap, water Maybe if your face gets a little crusty, you might put a little Palmers on Cocoa butter Just wash your face

    Simple [hits enter key] Hoopsorchestra: Yo Kuz, who's your favorite character in Naruto? Him I drew him, He's dope, young sensei, young Hokage, you know King of his village He was a bad ass too So, I'm going to go with him

    [hits enter key] Amayastrange wants to know: what's your favorite song? My favorite song right now is "Too Comfortable" by Future because a lot of people be getting comfortable in these streets Don't get comfortable Next Oh, same photo Where do I get this mask? You get it at my website, kylekuzma

    com, and you can get yourself a Kuzmania mask to wear during these hard times Posted Berniesara wants to know if my dog is a Swiss Shepherd No Snow is a Husky, all Husky

    Beautiful, white dog, you know? A lot of people say she looks like Bolt or some dog from Game of Thrones I don't know the name, but no, she's a Husky Moving on to YouTube [piano music] Abraham Romero Where can I get that hoodie? I made this hoodie, it was a one on one

    You know it was just something that I was just messing around with It's not for sale, but if you like it, that means other people like it, so maybe I should put it on for sale I'll let you know Boom Anybody know what kind of watch he got on? Yeah, so this watch is called a Patek Philippe World Timer

    It's like an old hand watch Not too many young people have it You know everyone kind of wants to bust down jewelry I'm into investment watches Yeah

    Big boy watch [hits enter key] Moving on to Wikipedia Kuzma sent tapes of his shooting at the YMCA to preparatory schools; Vin Sparacio, head coach at Rise Academy in Philadelphia, saw a 6'6", 175-pound, raw player who had a great feel for the game, and immediately brought him in That's true That's really really true

    You know, I was growing up, and I didn't really have that many offers You know, I kind of had to, you know, make something wiggle, make something shake, so you know, I was sending out random shooting clips, whatever, just trying to get seen My boy Vin, looked out Kuzma enrolled at the University of Utah in 2013 He redshirted his freshman year due to the fact that he signed late

    That is true I redshirted, it pretty much means you can't play, you can't practice your first year in college My grades, they weren't really up to par Going into college, and I signed late You know, big whoop, but we're here now

    Kuzma graduated from Utah with a degree in sociology Ha, you didn't know I was smart huh? Yeah, I did graduate I didn't want to go back to school, you know, I had a redshirt year, you know, I didn't want to go back to school because I was getting the degree So why would I go back to school? The next one says, Karri Kuzma and Smith put a toy basketball rim in the living room for Kyle when he was only two years old, thus igniting his passion for basketball Ding ding ding

    Correct From a young age, I always played basketball, and I always remember from the age of two, you know, having a basketball hoop in my living room We would clear out the everything in the living room, and we'd actually put tape on the ground, as if it was a free-throw line on a Fischer-Price rim, so I would feel like I was in the game when I was young I had a cool household Nice childhood

    Twitter [Mouse clicking] Man this little stroll, I can use my thumb on the screen This is amazing J-nice Is that J-nice or Jeniece? Jeniece

    Okay sorry butchering your name My dad was watching Laker re-runs and my mom asked, " Why is there a model playing? Is he really a Laker?" And she was talking about Kuzma I mean it's kind of flattering I mean, you know, kind of calling me cute, so Thank you Could be a model, but I like basketball a little bit more

    Posted We are on to Quora What music does Kyle Kuzma listen to? I listen to everything I listen to Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative, Electronic I'm all over the place

    I'm really like wherever the vibe is Submit How good is Kyle Kuzma as a basketball player? Well, I mean, technically I'm in the NBA, so There's always room for improvement though, right? [hits enter key] What is your opinion on Kyle Kuzma Right now, and looking ahead in his career? I think he's a outstanding young man

    He is very well-centered, great family man, personal sense of style, unbelievable basketball player, and on top of everything, he's a dog lover He's pretty darn humble Great guy Great guy And I guess, Looking ahead of his career, you'll see a lot more of that

    [hits enter key] That's it Signing off the internet [laptop slams shut]

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