John Deere Sports Turf Stories: Charleston RiverDogs

everything from beginning to end I mean we are before every homestand we edge we resurface the mounts we put new clay in I will nail board the infield and we mow every day it probably means more to my staff and more to the organization my guys that do come in here have been with me for a long time and to them it means a lot I mean in the last nine years we've won five league awards and also four state awards so to top it off for the national world was nice it gets i mean it gets pounded I've already had one hundred baseball dates and we're just now turning in the corner in July not to mention we've had two concerts we've had camp week that the kids are on it it's just a maintenance nightmare just to keep up with it the thing about Revels and Rankine Armstrong and what they've done for me in the time that I've you've been here for 13 years is I've just got the nuts and bolts here whenever I have an emergency I can pick up the phone and call and call Rankin or text him if he's busy and hes's got a client he's with he will answer the phone and come to me straight away he's very straightforward you don't have to ask him twice how you need to help him he tells you he's got his ducks in a row and so when our mobile Tech's come to get him up and going or services equipment or whatever it turns out to be they are prepared because he is very good at explaining to them what is needed but the beautiful thing I love about the 1200As with the back unit on the back is I don't have to put all the down from wanting to grade something or pull material around whatever usually either adjust it to where I've only got like four inches of material unimportant on pulling on the back of it to give it a nice finish it's it's just a wonderful piece of equipment and reliable with what dear I know what it's made of it's just grit and it's John Deere for me it's it's personal it's as it's as American as apple pie and baseball Mike's dedication to the task is just it never ends he's here pretty much 24/7 his passion for for making sure it's perfect or as perfect as it can be in the projects he's developing is is off the charts and I've been in baseball 25 26 years and it's got to be the smartest grounds guy I've ever been associated with the field is a reflection of your organization and I want it to be as good as that can be every single day no matter what the weather conditions are

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