Introducing the Nissan IMs, an elevated sports sedan

This car has full autonomous capability 100% EV, designed on a unique dedicated EV platform All-wheel-drive, impact performance torque that you get from an EV Dramatic, impactful stance with these 22-inch wheels creating a very new segment-breaking sports sedan This concept has a simple and pure silhouette With shorter front and rear overhangs it gives the cabin so much roominess The V-motion Nissan front design signature has evolved on this pure electric sedan with the headlamps forming the V-shape The absence of the front grille lets air flow better The air tunnels located in the front and rear of the body also improve the aerodynamics When you open the door, it's a whole new space It's like a premium hotel lounge type of space The seat is seamless and fits the passenger's body giving a sense of performance and comfort A premium, rich feeling The graphic user interface has double layered displays The front display gives you navigation information The back display tells you the condition of the car The color was inspired by the moon What shines most beautifully in this exterior is the cabin arch It has a bold golden color The material is firm, yet light It's metallic gray, as if the moon is reflected on the surface The interior, on the other hand features fabric to create a soft atmosphere There are shining elements all around The pattern is inspired by a traditional Japanese design The 3-D printed pattern is based on it It's like a sculpture, yet the shape gives it strength and lightness In the autonomous driving mode a blue illumination travels from the front to the rear signaling what drive mode it is in The rear seat is the dominant feature of the interior It reclines The back of each side seat comes down to form armrests for the premier seat In autonomous mode there's no reason for the driver to remain in the driver's seat The time will soon arrive when the driver can sit in this premier seat in autonomous mode We have this new EV horizon this new autonomous horizon We would call it an elevated performance sedan

Source: Youtube

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