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    *intro music Welcome to Tommy's Take, it's the final week of the regular season and I've got three well- maybe four matchups which you need to keep your eyes on this week Game number one, Warner Robbins at Veterans

    The demons are 8 and 1, and defending region one 5A champions Veterans High is also 8 and 1, and this game is for the 2019 region title Milan Turner has rebuilt the Veterans program in his second year, both teams are in Houston County, so regardless of who wins the title will remain in Houston County Game number two- Wayne County at Ware County, this game is for the two 5A Title Wayne County is 7 and 1, and Ware County is 6 and 3

    Both are undefeated in region play Jason Strickland is in his first year at Ware County after leading Pierce County to the class 3A semi finals a year ago Game three, Jeff Davis at Metter The Jackets upset region leader Swainsboro in Hazelhurst last week 21 to 14, and now in this final week of the season- Metter gets the opportunity to host the Jackets The other game in region two double-a has Toombs County 6 and 2, at Swainsboro 7 and 2

    There are five teams in this region fighting to make the playoffs but there are only four spots available Stay tuned we may have a five team mini playoff Before we go, a salute to Dublin running back Jacques Evans who rushed for 375 yards and 7 touchdowns in Dublin's 77 – 48 win over Suwannee Florida Evans has scored 23 touchdowns in Dublin's past four games And that's it for this week's Tommy's Take, see you next week for playoffs, round number one


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