Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand Review (2018)

Hello there my name is Tom Crandall from GEARMASHERS Today we have some really cool products in by Feedback Sports including the Feedback Sports Sprint work stand and the Feedback Sports Pro Elite, which is more of a bicycle shop professional stand and the Feedback Sports Sprint work stand for travel and races

We're going to be talking about the Feedback Sports Sprint work stand by I might reference the Feedback Sports Pro Elite a little bit as well The Feedback Sports Sprint stand is a fork-mount work stand meaning that you have to take the front wheel off It's similar to a fork mount on a roof rack or something like that where you take the front wheel off Now the rear wheel on a roof rack would have a little attachment with this you're not attaching it to anything you're just resting the the bottom of the bike frame on a plastic I call it a plastic sled and that's it but what's cool about it is you can pedal normally so you can work on ears you can work on brakes if you need to everything is really accessible on here and the bike rests sort of parallel which is nice the the front fork there's an adjustment knob so you can turn the adjustment knob if you need to move the bike forward or aft and in the rear section the sled portion it has hex bolts so if you needed to move that forward or backwards you can do that as well you know depending on your frame if you have a weird frame or something like that but for a traditional road frame this is sort of what it's going to look like and then you have levers down here if you need to raise or lower the stand as needed depending on your height and then the the legs are they have three legs that fold out and with this stand the legs are a little shorter than the traditional shop type stand so as far as stability goes this isn't going to be as stable a platform as your shop stand simply because you have wider legs at least that's my understanding also if if I was really gonna be trying to loosen something maybe a port that it seized I might want to go for a traditional shop stand over something like that because you just this one's just not as stable for the bike now the the two main advantages at least the advantages I like with this stand is you're not attaching to a seat post or the bike frame which means there's no chance of you breaking a seat post or breaking the frame because you over tighten the clamp so that's a really good thing so it's almost sort of foolproof and of course the ability to turn the bike 360 degrees to get whatever part you are neat to get to I think that's a really cool aspect as far as the traveling that's another reason why you might like this stand and then of course cost this isn't this doesn't cost as much as the the pro elite here so you're going to save a little bit of money compared between the two so next what I'm going to do is I'm going to break this down to show you what it looks like when it's fully collapsed alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take the bike off so I'm just gonna release this and then just pull straight up and just sort of set the bike aside here and so with this one you have a lever at the back they eat unloosen and then just sort of slide forward and then down and then with the legs there's another lever down here and so you just move that and the legs collapse that's it now the one thing I noticed and I'm not sure maybe I'm doing something wrong is this sort of is loose and could easily just sort of bang here as you're walking so it would be nice to have something hold on to it maybe a strap or something like that so it doesn't bang I don't see anywhere where you can actually lock it out and it also can slide up and down let's see if I can lower this anymore okay yeah so there we go that's fully collapse which is pretty small and so let me do the same thing with this guy so the way this guy works is just unscrew this here let's put it back in and then down here I have lever just bring it in maybe I need to unscrew this a little bit first flaps these lock this and screw it in think that's about as far as it goes okay so comparing the Feedback Sports Sprint to the Feedback Sports Pro Elite here's the shop one and then here's the Sprint so we got the the Feedback Sports Pro Elite so that's the size difference this is going to be a little wider this is gonna be taller so obviously you're gonna save a little bit of room if you're using this in a car or something like that but there's really not that much difference between the two so again if you like to have your bikes spin around and stuff like that maybe you want this one otherwise I'd get with the shop one hey thanks so much for watching please subscribe to a YouTube channel by clicking below here that helps me give products like this in also check out the website GearMasherscom I have an article actually pretty in-depth article on Feedback Sports and Park Tools work stands for bikes and cyclists that I think you'll like I'll put that in the description and thanks so much have a great day

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