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The Beach behind me is Goa's best beach its 8:30 AM right now we are going to breakfast and then we will head out at 9:30 AM right now we are in Siolim first we will go to Baga then Calangute and finally Polem we have reach Baga beach and they have taken 20 ruppes for parking this is Baga beach Goa's second most populous beach its off season right now, yet its still crowded in morning think how crowded it will be in evenings most of the people coming here are indians maybe a couple of foreigners if you like crowded places you must visit this beach if you would like to do parasailing it will cost you 900 rupees Jet Ski ride is 500 rupees and if you drive it yourself it will cost you 3000 rupees speed boat is 4000 rupees banana boat for 4 people is 1000 rupees bumper ride for 2 is 600 rupees boat ride is 350 rupees you must be 15 yrs or older for parasailing this is baga beach market where you can get souvenir or get some food there is lot of tattoo parlours too if you would like to get a tattoo you can get it done here for fairly cheap so that was baga beach and now we are heading towards calangute we have bought 400g cashews here for 300 rupees from previous 3 days, this is the first mcdonald we have seen we have traveled through 3 cities and have never seen one in go one thing about goa i like is that there is very few traffic lights and the smaller cities they only have 1-2 traffic light in the whole city this is the Calangute Beach Goa's most populated beach you dont see many people because its very hot and because this beach is very large so people are spread out there are same water sports here as baga beach lets see how it is first thing i noticed was the sand the texture of the sand is not very nice as compared to baga beach the sand there was very soft it was nice to walk on this is not very pleasant if you compare the waves from baga to calangute calangute has very nice waves it has more speed and height and baga beach waves were really slow and small we are leaving calangute beach on towards polem beach its where goa ends we have reached madgaon which is 50KM from Calangute that took 1 hour next stop is polem which is 60KM which will take 15 hour then we have to come back to madgaon and return the bikes then take a bus to mumbai polem is only 5 km away from here our petrol ran out so we had to refuel and now we will leave from here so lets go and now we have reach polem beach our bikes cant go any further so we have to walk from here but we dont know which way to go


so we will ask and now we are about to enter polem beach there is no entrance here we we have to jump over the fence to get to it and now we have entered the beach there is hardly 6 people on the whole beach i dont think you will find a beach like this in goa look how soft the sand is and how clean the water is even baga beach cannot compete with this right now we lost our key for the bikes while we were going to the beach i took the wrong way and droped my key accidently and now after we came back from the beach we thought it might have been lost on the beach and went to ocean but finally we found it now we can go back home now we are leaving polem beach back to madgaon which is 60 KM it will take 15 hours we haven’t had lunch so we were getting hungry so we had cream roll and water we will reach madgaon at 4:30 we have to book a bus there it will leave at 5:00 we have return the bikes in madgaon now we are heading to bus station where we will get a bus to Mumbai which will take us to Mumbai tomorrow morning right now we reach Panaji took us 1 hour from Madgaon which is really slow 13 more hours to go till Mumbai we will try to sleep now see you later its 9:00 and the bus stoped for diner we have ate and it was horrible and over priced bus is leaving in 5 minutes when we came back to the bus and this is what we saw randomly some person left this bag here which is really heavy i cant even lift it up from my experience this could be a bomb and will explode if i open it up and blow up if i lift it we will ask the driver on what this is about we have reach lonvla another 15 hour left till Anderi where we will get off this is our bus which we spend 14 hours i have slept 5-6 hours its uncommon for me to sleep on the bus another 15 hours then we go to hostel and then we need to travel next day is our flight from Mumbai to Amritsar so our day is hectic hope it ends soon we are trying to find a cab that will take us to our hostel uber is taking 200 rupees we have reach our zostel the checkin time is 12:00 right now its 8:30, lets see if we can checkin early And now we have reach Amitabh Bachchan 's apartment

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