EPIC SPORTS TRICK SHOTS!! (compilation, best trick shots, AMAZING)

This is trick shots with all that sport AH THERE YOU GO THERE YOU GO Aight so what were doing, I'm going to throw this ball over brandons house cameron follow me over brandons house and into the trash right here we are going to have the drone for the first time recording MUSIC: FATHER STRETCH MY HANDS (clean version) – Kanye West Holy– BAM YEEAAA *dolphin noises ever need some lunch? did u make it? i dont know i don't know either laughs* nobody knows XD INSTANT REPLAY I DIDNT SAY SHOOT! WAAaaAaAAAAaAAaa!! OOOOOOH! HE HIT IT INSTANT REPLAY wait did u make it he made it! oh, yeeaaaa WAAAAA OOH HE FINNALY GOT IT alright guys today we are going to be doing some trickshots AND MY NAMES COLIN WOOD AND IM GONNA MAKE THIS TRICK SHOT ENJOY mad scream* 1x CRAP NOOO ??? mad scream 2x How do you feel after that your suppose to be getting the ball more weird noises* continuously kicks chair like a idiot* Stop YOU STOP kicks again* chucks ball* BAM dent in garage* brrr INSTANT REPLAY Bout time 2 days, 48 hours I a catch and shoot from the road ohho yes finally This is the most intense shot, we've done folks you heard them, please enjoy and LEAVE A LIKE Yeah He pulled the trigger OH AND SO DID BRANDON So we got three different cameras set up One back there with Brandon and one over there and cameron holding one brandons gonna try and make it over the house bump SWISH YES YES YES WOOOOOOOOOO Breaks something else* WE GOT IT BRANDON INSTANT REPLAY LETS GOOOO Ur trash makes shot* What was that yeah, that's right if you liked this video SONG: COUNTING STARS – ONEREPUBLIC What do they do they like the video if you liked this video Hit the thumbs up down below And hit that red button that says subscribe on it and also go to our other videos Drop the like, hit that thumbs up are u not recording yeah I'm recording ok This took us over a year to make so we could use your guys's support say check out the rest of our videos Check out the rest of our videos Countless stars

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