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    [ENG/IND SUB] SJ RETURNS EP 47 – Super Junior’s Sports Day: Water Sports Part 1


    [SJ returns] It's nice – It's perfect weather for going into the water! – It's water

    [A place full of fun activities] What is this? [They're here to form unity as their comeback approaches] [A water sports club that seems fun!] [What will their Sports Day look like?] Let's pick who is going into the water – Eunhyuk and Siwon are going in to play? – Not everyone is going in? – I get seasick – I get scared of the water Let's go in! Let's get wet! Let's get wet [Quietly getting ready to play in the water] [Wanders around] [Donghae walks towards the water] You're going to fall into the water

    Push him! I'm going to push you in – I'm going to push you in – If I show you [What's wrong with him] What should I do? Should I show you? What are you doing? Should I show you? [They don't seem like they plan to start] [So when will they start playing?] – Hello – Hello [Teacher for today] [Huh? He seems familiar] Huh? Are you from the third unit? – Yes – Really? – When I was a sergeant, Shindong was a private

    – Really? – Come in – Hurry up and greet him – Salute! – Salute! – He's a senior officer – Where? – Honor guard – Honor guard

    – Wow~ That's cool – Honor guard? – Honor guard, then Where's the spinning thing? – We have to spin it

    – We have to spin it [Let's hurry up and start~] He was part of the honor guard Today's weather is okay, right? Comparatively, the weather is warm, – but the water is a little – Is it cold? – It's a little cold Whoever is using the facilities, please change – Where do we change? – First You can change here, Eunhyuk – I'll become too popular – You can just change here [Eunhyuk and Siwon head to the changing room] I'll become too popular [Shall I go upstairs, too] [A place to rest upstairs~] It's nice here

    Members! Come up here It's great! [Okay, upstairs!] Upstairs? [The rest of the members go upstairs!] Come up here It's really nice It's nice here~ [Yesung has already found his place] – Let's just eat this – Watermelon claps! (Wordplay) Yesung

    Let's watch them ride it – They're riding it now – Where? Where? It looks fun Leeteuk is riding, too? – Only Siwon and I are going in? – There's only 2? That's not good What are you going to do? [Majority of the group is scared of water] [Leeteuk is worried about the show] Oh no

    What should I do? Depending on how you feel, don't go overboard [Worried] I wouldn't participate, but there aren't many people going in I was thinking about it

    There weren't many people going in [Professional broadcaster, worried about the show amidst being sick] [Eventually decides to go on a boat] Leeteuk will definitely ask the drivers to drive roughly [Of course] – Withstanding for a long time? – Yes

    Do you want to make a bet? Let's do this! Whoever lets go first If you look here, there are guests dining over there Greet them respectfully, – promote Super Junior's new album, – Promote? – and cheer 3 times

    – Okay I can't do things like that – Then you can win

    – No, not that What about the other members not participating? What is that? Are they doing taekwondo? [Audience is watching] – Hey! You look like taekwondo athletes! – Are you competing or what? Heechul! Shindong! Yesung! They're going to compete – What is it? – What are you doing? They're going to hang onto the boat, and whoever lets go first, loses They have to promote Super Junior's new album I'm the worst at that

    They have to cheer 3 times I'm the worst at that Why do they have to cheer all of a sudden? I think cheering three times will be fun So the losing team does it with them Okay, okay! Who thinks Eunhyuk will win? [Big expectations] Who thinks Eunhyuk is going to win? Seeing Eunhyuk with headgear on makes him look like a monkey

    [Yesung also votes for Eunhyuk] – I choose Eunhyuk! – Eunhyuk has 2 votes! [This popularity of mine] Eunhyuk has 2 votes! I thought it'd be too obvious if I picked Siwon I thought it'd be boring, so I took a risk

    I choose Siwon! What are you saying? I'm good at withstanding things like this! Lighter people Light, speedy, and flexible people have the upper hand He's talking too much

    Show us your flexibility Ah, hold on! [He almost split his legs while showing off] I think my body will ache afterwards

    Of course [Finished with warming up] Let's go, Eunhyuk [To be continued in EP48]

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