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Hi guys Ashley here from Performance Ground and today we're going to talk about two sports drinks so what they are and how they work sports drinks can be categorized into two different parts so hydration or fueling so with hydration we know that during high intensity sport when we sweat and we respire and we use and lose water my body you start to get dehydrated and part of this is because we lose our electrolytes are sodium lost we sweat so when we talk about sports hydration drink think about like much pad tablets this kind of a sodium in it this is gonna replace our electrolytes and allow it shape h2o or water much better than water itself like Glycogen is used as a fuel when we're doing high intensity exercise so another kind of sports trick that you might get is for fuels so something that has lots of sugar in it to replace the glycogen that you use whilst you're doing your exercise and then we do have combined drinks that do both so they're going to help uptake h2o and then they're going to fuel you at the same time so to understand why we need certain sports drinks for our exercise so if we think about the cell and we have cells we have either sodium electrolytes and glycogen in our blood so inside the cell so this is gonna be a red blood cell we're gonna have small amount of glycogen a small amount of water molecules within a cell if the solution outside this cell is the same as what's inside this is known as isotonic so this is my so means the same as so this means that water hydrogen and all of the solute is going to be able to flow freely in and out of the cell and we're going to be able to keep ourselves hydrated and fuel the same time if we have a solution which is hypotonic so this plate though means less than we're going to have a solution which is lower in concentration on the outside but with in our blood and within ourselves so if we have more solute it inside ourselves outside of there what's going to happen these water molecules so these little dots of what molecules these are going to draw into the cell to help hydrate ourselves and dilute this this soggy whether it's by gym or sony little aqua so hypotonic he's going to help us hi drink it's going to help the uptake of hitch to earn it towards ourselves on the other hand hypertonic that's going to help us fuel if you think about someone that's had too much sugar they become hyper so hypertonic is something it's going to be high in sugar or high in our fuel high in carbohydrate this is going to do the opposite so it's going to help fuel of our exercise and replenish our glycogen stores as we were exercising well actually what it's going to do is going to draw water so we've got more soluble outside we've got or here it's going to draw the water away to dine you outside of this of ourselves so dilute the solution and outside of ourselves so hypotonic you might see that electrolyte drink has no sugar in it at all it has a small amount of electrolytes instead of sodium salts things like that isotonic we're going to have a similar amount of the same amount inside ourselves as time so outside of ourselves these this is going to be like well calculated scientific research goes into isotonic sports drinks hypertonic is going to be something like your pre-workout, coca-cola, juices and things like that are going to be high in sugar I'm going to help you fuel your exercise so now we're going to head to the kitchen I'll give you an example of each of these then we're going to learn how to make our own isotonic drinks so now I'm going to show you what hypotonic isotonic and hypertonic looks like and what it's used for so we know that water is the fuel of life and tasty refreshing but it's actually not good rehydrating this when we sweat we obviously we lose our electrolytes I mean lose sodium and we need to replace these so something quite handy is just an electrolyte tablet they have lots of minerals in so this has got magnesium potassium calcium sodium and some other vitamins and things like that as well but it's also got no sugar so what this does creates a balance of high minerals or high electrolytes but with no added sugar so it creates this hypotonic solution so this is really good for when you're in warm climates you need to rehydrate but you don't necessarily need extra fueling you don't need more carbohydrates to fuel your exercise so things like long duration runs cycles even my team sports games like that where you need to rehydrate you don't really need the fuel so now we're going to look at isotonic sports drinks so this is going to have free-flowing movement of glycogen within the cell and the solution so anything like lucozade sport Powerade and Gatorade these are all going to be isotonic they're going to help refuel you and they're also going to have electrolytes in them to help rehydrate you as well so okay we've got bulk powders complete hydration mix it's quite good so cheap and all we do one full scoop in 500ml of water shake it up there's a little and in there there's about 30 grams of carbohydrates there's minerals, what else in there? so carbohydrates thirty five point three grams per 40 gram serving of which this eighteen point five grams of sugar so this is going to help replenish glycogen stores acute this is going to be really quickly quickly absorbed and then there's going to be some slower acting carbohydrates in there as well to prolong this adsorption there's also the minerals that we talked about before so salts potassium offers in German so there's also minerals in here there's magnesium potassium calcium and sodium this is going to help refuel me and rehydrate me at the same time so we've gone from hypotonic which is gonna rehydrate you isotonic which is gonna have a free flow movement of carbohydrates and electrolytes and then we go into hypertonic so don't actually have a hypertonic example for you but if you think of something like fruit juice or coca-cola which is going to be really high in sugar that's going to help refuel you it's gonna create a concentrated solution within your stomach and around the cells which draws out water which is not necessarily what you want during like long-duration rides, runs things like that but it is going to help fill you and help you ingest carbohydrate which is going to fuel you for high intensity exercise so things like gels are traditionally hypertonic they are just a gel so a sugar solution really quick to ingest they hit your bloodstream within 30 seconds 20 to 30 seconds of taking one and this is going to help fuel you if you've ever been out on a long run or a long ride you start to feel quite low you've not been feeling very well when you take one of these gels within minutes you're going to be you're going to be up back with your energy again it's almost like having a second wind but they do they are just pure sugar so they're going to make you come up and then you need to be constantly fueling with them to stay up otherwise you're going to crash down pretty quickly as well so traditionally gels are hypertonic they're just sugar solutions and they're really easy to ingest where these SIS ones are actually isotonic so they have sodium within them as well which helps create this free-flowing movement of carbohydrates and the electrolytes within themselves so which sports drink shrink so which sports drink should you have you can never really go wrong with water that will rehydrate you if you want to get the performance benefit and enhancement from sports drink hypotonic solutions so electrolyte drinks are really good if you're out for long duration runs, rides and you need to rehydrate but not necessarily refuel also if you're looking to lose weight cramming yourself with loads of sugar might not be the best thing to do but you can still get a benefit from taking an electric electrolyte drink isotonic sports drink so they're gonna have equal amount of carbohydrates for fueling and sodium and minerals to replenish your electrolytes these are going to be really good for high intensity and intermittent sports so things like football team sports like hockey rugby basketball games like that where you need to adjust fuel quickly but you also need to stay rehydrated and then hypertonic solutions hypertonic drinks are gonna be really good for really high-intensity work so imagine you're like a track cyclist it's going to be working for maybe two to five minutes sports like this which you're not gonna get dehydrated but you are gonna get a performance benefit from fueling okay cool so we're gonna make our own isotonic sports drink so in here all there is really is salt sugar there's some vitman's in there but flavoring as well so we're going to do is put so let's give you an example of what an isotonic sports drink is and what's actually really in here we're gonna make our own first all we're going to start with the salt so we need to replace our electrolytes from our exercise so we're going to put in about half a teaspoon just a pinch of salt and so our water let that dissolve and then we're going to try and match that with our sugar so both are PC same again know that come together let it dissolve so this is kind of help us replenish our electrolytes and also help us replenish our glycogen stores with the carbohydrates for fueling so we know that small amounts of sugars and salts or electrolytes are going to help the uptake of water as well small amounts of this help rehydrate you better than water we'll just in a zone a little bit of flavoring just for it to to make it taste nice it's good to squirts of that essentially that is a homemade cheap isotonic Lucozade yeah nice you can also play around with the quantities of each of these so if we actually double the amount of sugar so if we go to a food things food or another half this becomes slightly more hypertonic it's also got the benefits of replacing our electrolytes because there's salt sodium in there and there's actually gonna be about almost 10% of this solution is going to be glycogen or it's going to be sugar if you're an athlete that it's working at a really high intensity thinking about racing, intermittent sports like football team sports like rugby hockey sports like this where you're going to be sprinting and trying to recover so you may want to think about using hypertonic or isotonic drinks because we're you're going to need that fueling and to replenish your glycogen stores so the advantage of making your own sports drinks is you know exactly what's going in it there's not going to be any banned substances going inside that drink it's just salt sugar it's really cheap this cost me about 15 pounds for a full bag where that's cost five pence I think so can be really really cheap and also you can control the amounts that are going into it so if you want a hypertonic so if you want a hypotonic drink use just salt and maybe a little bit of flavoring if you want an isotonic drink use equal amounts of your salt and your sugar your fuel source and if you want a hypertonic drink use two-to-one ratio of your fuel source of your sugar to your salt so there it is one earth sports drink you might come across and this is a sugar-free pre-workout so if you think about a can of redbull or monster or any of the stimulant kind of pre workouts that you can get from supplement brands So this white mobster is completely sugar-free zero calorie it's not really got any vitmans or well it's got a few vitamins in it hasn't really got any sodium or electrolytes in it and it has zero carbohydrates so it's not going to be hypertonic or hypertonic or isotonic anything like that but what it does do is provides you with a stimulant slightly different and the caffeine in here is a caffeine is a stimulant that actually will dehydrate you so you may want to think about the next time you chuck down one of the matzo redbull before you've got like a long endurance run or a ride or football match for instance something like these kind of drinks the sports drinks that are designed for that kind of sport those kind of durations they're gonna be much better one thing you do have to think about is how much sugar you can consume isotonic drinks and hypertonic drinks can cause stomach distress so you can get you can feel sick you can feel bloated and get pains and cramps and then your stomach so if you are going to use them don't just use them on race day make sure you're training with them using them progressively, let us know in the comments section below what sports supplements what sports drinks you have which of your favorites have a go at making your own sports drinks and let us know how you get on you can even come up with different concoctions of flavors with fruit juices things like that make sure you hit like if you have enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe

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