E-Sports im Sportunterricht – ist das sinnvoll?

For many it was the relaxation between boring lessons, for some It was a horror scenario: physical education Most people probably think of dodgeball and skipping – but it would be Does not make sense to bring Overwatch and Fortnite in the gyms? Whether e-sports and physical education are compatible, let's take a look at this video

Have fun! Let's face the basic question right at the beginning: Why is there physical education at all? The purpose or goals of physical education are very controversial and very different, they are called the "pedagogical perspectives" The physical education should promote the health It should be created a conscience for the body, the students should be clear that It is important to keep yourself healthy The physical expression – that is facial expressions, gestures and body language in general – should be improved through physical education E-sports – ie competitive video game tournaments – can not fulfill these purposes

But if you look at the other goals of physical education, it becomes clear: E-Sports might be suitable for teaching Because in addition to the physical and health issues, physical education should also be cooperation, Teach competition and communication with others This can work very well with team sports but also with e-sports In Overwatch, for example, collusion is game-critical: Characters like Mercy, the support category can hardly do any damage themselves, but can help team partners with healing effects A meaningful game can only be negotiated with the team and joint coordination respectively

And here the e-sport shines in comparison to classic sports: For the coordination in the team is much more extensive and tactical – and independent of physical abilities It's simply smarter in basketball to match the two-meter-tall guy's ball as a 160m player who simply has a disadvantage in an attack position Also e-sports require skill or ability, but these have no influence on the tactics in the game but rather on the killcount In addition, E-Sports can only be mastered through training

Physical restrictions do not exist here And that's why another goal of physical education can be achieved well: provide services In physical education you should provide services and above all measure Is it better or worse? Who is the best in which discipline? Performing services can be a very nice feeling and is an important part in our social life – but it can also be very frustrating to perform unable to reach Especially if the failure is not your own responsibility

Let's be honest – if someone does not make a hundred pushups, he can do it too not having two lessons a week sports The one is only caught in an endless loop of failure and likely doubt the meaning of the lesson Let's take another look at e-Sports: the real training aspect of e-Sports achievements can be achieved again and again Games have a learning curve, you increase your own performance, depending on how much you train Physical conditions have nothing to do with performance

It's really just about coordinating and training the game So, can e-sports replace traditional physical education? Clearly not Another goal of physical education is the teaching of sport itself How to play football, how to play volleyball, these are important things to know Basic knowledge about e-sports and video games in general will be digitized in our World but also more important

A useful use of e-sports in the classroom would be for example in case of illness So far, it is the case that physically disabled and permanently ill exempt from physical education be either not at all or in the upper school a subject for replacement have to choose Instead of just dropping out class, you could here but e-sports as a replacement program to offer regular physical education The health goals are no longer covered here – but they are supposed to not at all The other goals – promote benefits, train social behavior, team cooperation – are still fulfilled in e-sports lessons

E-sports as a replacement for sports liberals would be an important contribution to accessibility of schools and equal opportunities in education – but unfortunately it is due to poor facilities and unqualified teachers still a long way Much more important is – what do you think? Are e-sports part of physical education? Write me in the comments, I discuss as always very happy with you If you liked the video, it shows me with a Like and subscribes to the Channel for more videos Thanks for watching, see you next time and goodbye!

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