Chelsea make Bournemouth look like Brazil in World Cup 2014 Sky Sport pundit hammers Sarri’s player

That is according to Sky Sports pundit and former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher Chelsea suffered their heaviest Premier League defeat since 1996 when they lost to Bournemouth That has since been eclipsed by Manchester City, who beat the Blues 6-0 at the Etihad on Sunday While appearing on Monday Night Football, Jamie Carragher was analysing Chelsea's recent away defeats, including against the Cherries And he said their lack of intensity on the south coast made Bournemouth look a lot better than they are This is Chelsea again pressing from the front, all over the place, "Carragher said This is at 0-0, one minute into the second half of the game "We're not talking about a disorganised team who are all over the place This is Bournemouth

They make Bournemouth look like Brazil in World Cup 2014 "So there's actually six players around the ball tight and you think 'how are you going to get out of that?' So they're not in a bad position, that's good, you'd be happy as a coach "Where's the aggression? Where's the challenge? One, two and they're out Why is not [David] Luiz absolutely just going tight, even putting a bad challenge in? Win that ball Where's the intensity? "When you hear Sarri talk about a lack of motivation, this is what he's talking about Get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing

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