Chelsea latest news: Sky Sports pundits ARGUE about Chelsea as frustrated Graeme Souness hits out

Boss Maurizio Sarri snubbed Pep Guardiola's handshake at the full-time whistle as he stormed down the tunnel in a rage And tensions soon were to mount at Sky after Souness came out in defence of the Chelsea boss He admitted he 'felt sorry' for Sarri before questioning the personnel he had at his disposal How can you play a different way with the likes of Jorginho, Kovacic, Barkley? That's a lightweight midfield, "he said amid suggestions Chelsea could mix it up I'm thinking of Aguero's first goal That was winnable for Chelsea players but they were dangling legs Host David Jones then asked "can not you even tweak?" before Souness snapped back "it has to be a different type of player" Jamie Redknapp and Jamie Carragher were both alongside Souness in the studio

The former had to raise his voice to get a word in, asking: "What about Kante, Graeme?" Souness grimaced and continued: "I like Kante, Kante is that, but the other three are not I have heard the boys talk about this This is my understanding of football When you have the ball, players like that, let them go off and play When you do not have the ball, it's not a case of when they do not have the ball Kante is not narrow and he's part of a three or four that can not get the ball back It's the players themselves They are not those type of players "They can do a job against a very good team of trying to stop them playing but they are lightweight Jones then tried to play devil's advocate as Souness hit out, stating: "Kante has won two league titles and he's won a World Cup The Liverpool legend did not take kindly to the point, retorting: "But he can not do it on his own He can not be in two places at once, or three players at once

"It's not about Kante not playing there, he can not do it on his own You'd love to play against Jorginho, Kovacic and Barkley – you can bully them You can bully them by being solid in a challenge Get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing

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