Akne! "Sports Illustrated"-Model versteckte sich zwei Monate

Georgia Gibbs has a long ordeal! Actually, the Australian model is for known for his charming cheerfulness But the lifestyle as a jet setter puts the blonde so much, that her life takes a completely different turn: As the beginning of 2018 breaks their relationship and a family member becomes seriously ill, she is chronically tired and also suffers under panic attacks and an irritable bowel

Georgia is also undergoing surgery on the stomach in May, where she captures a fungal infection For five months she takes high-dose antibiotics, but continues to pull her tight model program After the next surgery, her body is at its end that she gets the skin disease rosacea This message hits the blonde like a punch in the stomach: "I am an australian girl, that grew up with it, to roll in the sand on the beach, rarely lotioned and I never had any problems But you tell me that I am within got something from two weeks what will I have for the rest of my life? " The red pustules are extremely painful and give the model a permanent feeling of itching and burning

But no matter what treatment she tries, nothing really helps her "I lost hair, my skin was out of control, I was exhausted, I was depressed, so depressed [] I did not go out for two months I barely saw my friend not even with my mother " But Georgia does not give up: she completes her diet Finally, they find their salvation in traditional Chinese medicine "I've been so scared of the past two years and plagued by panic attacks I do not talk much about but it has held me back in so many ways

And to heal my psyche and take these herbs, that healed me from the inside out, honestly changed my life " Her beauty shares her experiences with her community and hopes that she does not make the same mistakes as she does

Source: Youtube

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