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AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof DV Camcorder 12MP


Akaso EK7000 Review The Akaso design is quite generic I use that word because another camera I've tested has the exact design with only minor differences in the user interface

Another similar model, the CamPark Xtreme I+, has a slightly modified version of this design For example, the Akaso uses a red light on the top to indicate the power is on, and slowly blinks when recording; the Drograce uses a blue light for the same function Of course, all of these cameras owe their design to GoPro All of these cameras have four buttons that control their functions The shutter button on the top of the camera starts and stops recordings and is used to take pictures

It also acts as the "enter" button while browsing in the settings Having recently purchased a GoPro Hero 5 Black, I've gotten accustomed to the functionality of its touch screen, though early-generation GoPros used a similar interface and button configuration to the one found on the Akaso Because the camera requires a waterproof housing, I found myself having to really push down to ensure the button press registered my intended action Overall, video shot on the Akaso was fairly good, unless there was a lot of motion, which made the footage quite shaky The gold sunset against the side of the pool really popped in the frame, but even moving the camera slowly caused the tiles on the side of the pool to fade in sharpness


When used with its waterproof housing, the Akaso's audio quality was muted and muddled, even when talking directly to the camera If you are not planning on getting the camera wet, you can use the frame-only accessory that clips around the camera Compared to the video recorded for our review of the Editor's Choice GoPro Hero 6 Black, the Akaso falls short in almost every way: image stabilization, color accuracy, audio quality and ease of use However, at essentially one-sixth of the price, the Akaso offers a decent alternative for someone on a tight budget, especially if you are going to keep the camera mostly still Kindly see the description for this Amazon product link

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