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6 Best Thoracic Exercises | Medina, OH | Mid Back Exercises | Medina Sports and Family Chiropractic


Hello Dr Brown with Medina sports

and Family Chiropractic here in Medina Ohio we're going to show you some upper back exercises today with Nick first exercise we're going to do get on your hands and knees

You can do this on the floor you just want a nice firm surface you do not want to be on your bed where it's all squishy the first thing we're going to do is to tuck your hips in and then you're going to take one hand up put it on the back bed you do not want to pull on your neck okay so you're going to breathe in going down as far as you can comfortably and then you're going to raise up and try to get your elbow towards the ceiling as you breathe out now you're going to breathe in and do it again this isn't moving everything you should be feeling stretching through here you're not rocking back and forth so we would do 10 of these and then we would switch sides so let's switch sides show them the other side breathe out deep breath You don't want to be pulling on your head your head just go those where it goes try to get the elbow up as far as you can and back down The next exercise we're going to do again from all fours we run through the cat camel so you want to line your hips up right above your knees keep your hands below your shoulders so we're gonna start going up so you want to be like an old angry cat arch you back up as high as you can tuck your tail tuck your head now you're going to come back let your back sag stick your butt out your head comes up as far down as you can go and that's 1 rep now you're gonna come back up now we're going to do 10 of those those as high as you can and then back down you want to keep your hips over the knees keep your hands on your shoulder you don't want to be rocking back and forth there's no points for how far you can go you might be able to go farther one way than the other go to your tolerance you should not feel any pain if you feel pain in your low back, in your shoulders, down your legs stop and let the doctor The next exercise is going to be bird dog Nick's going to go down on all fours again so again you want to keep your knees under your hips keep your hands under your shoulders so bird dogs a little bit weird takes a little bit of the practice we're going to start with just the upper body, so we're going to start with this right hand what he's going to do is raise it up and try to point it directly at the opposite wall of all he's gonna bring it down and he's gonna do the other one and bring it down and he's gonna repeat this for about 10 times as you get good at this as your balance gets better we might transition to doing your arm and your leg at the same time but that takes a little more coordination and it takes a little more time that's more advanced next we're going to go to a Superman for lack of a better description there are many names for these exercises we're calling it Superman today lay on your belly you're going to start with your right arm and your left leg and you're going to raise them up as high as you can hold on for a second bring it back down and then you're going to repeat on left arm right leg bring it down and you're going to repeat these back and forth 10 reps this is working these muscles and a crisscross pattern there's a lot of balance and coordination here as you get good at this the birddog will start to become a lot more manageable good this next exercise is a dead bug it takes a little balance and coordination Nick's going to show us you want to bring your legs up keep your hips under your knees hands above your shoulders to start with and then he's going to start to move a little bit so opposite hands come back and up and up kind of like them on a bicycle down here and the opposite bicycle up here it's it takes a little practice but once you get it and all of this is moving parts while this stays solid you want to keep your back against the ground keep your gut tight if you fatigue before you get to 10 reps stop if they start to look ugly stop you're done Again, it's Dr Brown with Medina Sports and Family Chiropractic

Have a good day!

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