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2021 Ford Bronco Sport vs. 2021 Subaru Forester | Off-Road Crossover Comparison


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Check out this “2021 Ford Bronco Sport vs. 2021 Subaru Forester | Off-Road Crossover Comparison” video below:

It’s the Ford Bronco Sport vs. Subaru Forester in a battle of off-road crossovers. The Bronco Sport is the smaller sibling of the new Ford Bronco, which was revived last year. Though not as potent as the bigger Bronco, the Bronco Sport promises strong off-road capabilities for the class since it’s loaded with all-wheel drive, various traction settings, and a bunch of options for off-road…..(read more)


  1. The Wildpeaks make a huge difference when put on the Forester. I get you're testing with stock equipment based on trim… but it would be interesting to see if the right tires would have made a difference with X-mode off. I would love a turbo in the Forester, but it does what I need. Had a legacy before my 19 Forester, and get the same mileage out of the Forester as I did the legacy.

  2. If you’re looking to buy a Bronco right now. Wait for the next generation… (if they are still around)

    You can thank me later.

    1st gen anything is always riddled with bugs and problems.

  3. It’s not a true comparison if they have different tires!?!? Edmunds showing it’s true colors as a on-road automobile reviewer ONLY. Rookie sh!t & I’ll think twice about clicking on one of your videos again…….

  4. One of the older ford escapes had 9 inches of ground clearance…seems like it’s going backwards, if it was not the badlands edition it would be 6.8” ground clearance… that’s,…good?…uhhhhhhhhh

  5. I love the look of the outside of the Bronco Sport. I test drove one, its smaller than more Ford Escape and you can tell on the inside, but it still feels more like an SUV than the Escape. The backseat is tight, my son is 5'10, he can barely fit in the back.

  6. How would the Ford Bronco Sport or Subaru Forester "off-road" crossovers handle the classic Edmunds Death Valley torture test on a simple washboard road?

  7. Ali was not the GOAT, even though he constantly claimed that title. Comparing his fight record with another fighter of that era, i.e., George Foreman, anyone with six grade math skills, will easily conclude Ali was indeed the GOAT …… in self promotion, not fighting. Stick to car reviews.

  8. A fozzy sport is $30k with almost all options. Throw a set of Falken AT’s on it and it’ll handle that re-bodied escape. It also has a huge sunroof and orange trim and stitching throughout – and would then be $6k less than the badlands.

  9. Wondering why you used Rock Crawl mode in the Bronco on what was essentially gravel not rock?

    Sadly the Subaru couldn’t move forward when opposite diagonal wheels had no grip – even ATs wouldn’t help here. It needed a running start and momentum to get up. It’s been shown to get caught on rollers the same way. Subaru have a pretty average AWD system these days and the CVT is useless off-road.

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