🔥 Eric Favre Sport Santé Festival – 13 & 14 Avril 2019 – Nice 🔥

Every day you step up your game Pushing forward Again and again When sport is no longer just sport But a life style a way of thinking a way of being Well here's one for you The ERIC FAVRE Sport Health Festival 2019 edition a gathering for all of those who sport matters Come and join us during this event with Arm wrestling Strongmen Football Boxing and wrestling Join us at the exquisite French Riviera In Nice, FRANCE for this 2 day sport festival With an exhibition and many workshops Crossfit Stretching Yoga Pole dance Well being Handicaped sports and health improvement Circus sports And for the first time in France The long awaited NPC PRO Qualifier Show With its 6 Pro cards Come and join us to celebrate Sport Through the ERIC FAVRE Sport Health Festival Show us what you've got!

Source: Youtube

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