✅ Breaking News – UK Sport commits £3million to help fund 14 sports for Tokyo 2020

Skateboarding, surfing and softball are among 14 Olympic and Paralympic sports to have received £3million in funding from UK Sport ahead of Tokyo 2020 The new 'Aspiration Fund' is intended to help more athletes in more sports qualify for the Olympics and Paralympics, by helping those who perhaps do not have podium potential at this stage but could develop over the next few years with funding The wheelchair rugby team have been awarded the maximum £500,000 to boost their prospects at the next Paralympics Liz Nicholl, CEO of UK Sport said: 'This new Aspiration Fund is a fantastic opportunity for these athletes and sports to get on track for the Tokyo Games 'Many of the sports we are currently unable to support, whilst further away from reaching the podium, have the potential not only to inspire through their performances on the field of play but also to inspire new audiences to engage in sport and activity ' Sports Minister Mims Davies said: 'This £3 million fund will give more athletes in more sports the chance to compete at the very top in Tokyo '

Source: Youtube

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