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Where's Jimmy Hoffa? New tip could reveal where he's buried


Newest video release regarding
Watch this “Where's Jimmy Hoffa? New tip could reveal where he's buried” video below:

The FOX Nation series “Riddle: The Search for James R. Hoffa” is prompting authorities to investigate the revelation. #FoxNews #FOXNation

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  1. So…….. the newest rumor about Hoffa now is that he's buried in a 55 gallon drum in Jersey, huh? Here in Maryland, the rumor was that he is buried inside of one of the concrete pylons of the Westbound side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge that was still under construction in the mid 1970s. Who really knows????? I don't think they'll ever find out for sure.

  2. They must be talking about this again to keep the baby boomers distracted from what Joe Robbin It Biden is doing

  3. Right…I am sure the fbi will get right on it. Something tellsx me if they were going to do anything, they would have done it a long time ago. Seems all the FBI does anymore is cover up crimes for democrats.

  4. Since normal people don't trust the government, and especially the FBI because of the political influence they've allowed to permiate their ranks unabated, this crime, like others committed recently, will never be solved. Waiting for the IRS, DOJ & Intelligence community to start going after more political enemies. Where's Durham, right?

  5. Cheap publicity stunt to plug the hoffa story. If the mafia don't want you found then you won't be found no matter the spurious tips . hoffa is long gone and will never be found and more fake news from fox, the fake news network. Try digging up the Nevada desert, he is buried under that with many others. Eejits

  6. They put his body through a woodchiper
    Made into minced meat. This guy is
    Lying for the perception of disinformation.
    Its the Mafia agenda dead man tell no tails
    They ate still spinning their lies as con men do.

  7. One theory is that he was stuffed into a metal drum, the drum was in a junkyard for metal recycling, the metal was sold and shipped to Japan for re-purpose, melted into metals for JDM cars and now those cars are finding their way back into the USA as we all see a trend

  8. We will see. They say the same things every couple of years. The company must need a new parking lot. Let the government pay for it.

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