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Tyrus calls out 'casual racism' from left against Tim Scott


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Have a look at this “Tyrus calls out 'casual racism' from left against Tim Scott” video below:

Fox Nation host Tyrus joins ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the attacks on Sen. Tim Scott coming from the left. #Foxnews

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  1. Do liberals not comprehend their current way of thinking has no end? It’s gonna be 500 years from now and they’ll still
    Be screaming the same crap. It’s a trap , the individual has the opportunity to choose whether or not to be a tool

  2. Ahh, Fox News the information center for the deplorables. If Tyrus (whoever he is) is being interviewed then you know this is good television. Who knows, maybe next time the will get Yosemite Sam and he can shoot his guns.

  3. Well spoken…the left is doing the opposite of what they r saying as he stands up there trying to say they r uniting us! Wake up Americans…this is NOT a racist country…its made of opportunity for ALL if u take advantage of the opportunities

  4. Tyrus' insight in this matter is what the whole United States needs to hear; not just the viewers of this program. We TOTALLY agree that that the far left has turned "racism" into a political theatric stunt to gain what they want, shame anyone who disagrees and continues to can this flame. As long as the left can convince a group that they are victims and entitled, they will remain in the victim mentality. What country(ies) are setting back and applauding while hysterically laughing at our cowering to this term "of enFEARment?" they know now how vulnerable to take down we are by a simple "label!" They are astounded at how easy the US was reduced to ash by the fear of being called racist. No one I know in this country has EVER been racist. I have had lifelong friends of color, shared meals, babysat each other's children, cried at family funerals together! We still do! WHY are we letting the Left control us? IT'S TIME to throw that stone back at them!

  5. racism is a part of the fabric of this nation, let's face it there are people still fighting the civil war, you cannot legislate peoples minds hate will always be with us until the end and those are facts

  6. How have we gotten to this place where half the country looks at the other half and scream, "You're racist!" to which they reply, "No, you are!"

  7. The left constantly says that there are white supremacists and racists on the right when it's actually people on the left. We've seen this time and time again how the left accuses the right of things that they are already doing. They have done it for over a hundred years.

  8. Tyrus is a absolute "Train-Wreck" heading straight towards the Liberal crowd! Don't get in the way folks!! You won't like it. . . This will be like "BAM"! (Body parts flying Everywhere!)

  9. Senator Scott is the Democrats worse enemy. Because he is a black man that opened his eyes up and can't be fooled no more by their BS.

  10. Tim Scott and the "Conservatives" are still playing by the Lefts moral framework.
    Anyone out here saying the dEmOcRaTs aRe rEaL rAcAsTs hur dur has very low intelligence

  11. Let me share my black experience with you. I had an older white customer comment was” you black people come up with such unique names”. I had a blank stare on my face and was appalled that in 2021 that my race was mentioned first and associated with a unique name. But racism does not exist. This customer mentioned my race first and he thought that was a compliment. Let me tell you that if you have to associate a compliment with race first then that is not a compliment but an insult.

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