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Tucker: We are watching an attack on democracy


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Police report ‘disturbing’ human smuggling case in Texas; reaction from ‘The Five.’ #FoxNews #TheFive #Tucker

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  1. Hey guys! I have an idea! I think that we should pay machines to do that labor crap. Basic Income for College Students! Access to all with placement testing. America will be strong through education.

  2. DC statehood, Puerto Rico statehood, stacking the supreme court, no voter ID laws for mail in voting and massive illegal immigration.. transported into red states.

    What do we think is going on here. It is single party control…Google will probably delete or edit my post.

  3. The border control officers on Maria Bartiromos show said that President Trumps policies were working very well. They are appalled at the lack of common sense by the creepy joe administration.

  4. Juan is like the wrong person for this story. He acts like he’s bothered and all upset. People like him and the fake news are so obviously pushing a maritime and now we are here. They’re letting in Al Quid-a and Iranian Intelligence and Clandestine actors…NOT just plain people or kids looking for work or a better life. That’s a small number. Cartels are charging huge amounts of money to smuggle in OTM (other than Mexican). Keep a watchful eye everyone. Dont go to large crowded areas if u can help it.

  5. Jeez, Biden looks like that guy in an old folks home who you try and talk to but they just sit there and nod while having no clue where they are or what's happening. Seriously, he has a perpetual look of bewildered terror on his face.

  6. Joe Biden is unbelievable they are the same facilities that Obama and him kept the countries going to hell in a handbasket with Joe Biden as president wake up America

  7. This communist aggression has been crawling slowly through the mud under the perimeter wire for decades. Now it's inside and it's up and running as fast as it can.

  8. Biden is a joke where not stupid this has nothing to do with trump. Biden dumpass refilled the candy bowl he gives them insintives

  9. Boarder states should have a referendum for wall construction. It would be an advantage to pay more taxes if the Communists in DC won’t fund it

  10. Yep, just sitting there WATCHING it. For God's sake, America's Left has set up a STOOGE as the leader of the free WORLD and WHAT are we doing about it? The worst part is that they have allowed China and the Left to have the power to SHUT us real American's down and are SUPPORTING it, putting nails in their OWN coffin. Wake up people and stop this anarchy!!!!!!

  11. Attach on democracy ? Lol They out right stole the election and Republican's are complicit. Case in point , All of Congress knows the corrupt enjoy their immunity from civil suit that makes it all possible. Tell a Politician to give up all They own to build trust in those They choose to lead and watch them run away. They love the money , the power is just to get more money. Lift or Repeal their immunity from civil suit and only the honest will run for office.

  12. Joe Biden: "They didn't plan for, which it comes every year, this flow, whether it's 22,000 or 10,000. They didn't have beds that were available. They didn't plan for the overflow."
    THEY? Hey moron, YOU are the they. This is YOUR administration. You've been in power for months. You were in power the day this all started. if anyone didn't plan, then that's all on you and your administration. YOU are the one who issued the executive orders which put this debacle in motion, and you did so without a plan. Stop blaming Trump for YOUR incompetence. Trump didn't need all of these beds, because Trump had actually put a stop to these illegal border jumpers trekking across central American to sneak across our border. YOU are the incompetent moron who invited them all to come racing back here. YOU, President Potato head! YOU, President Houseplant! YOU caused this!

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