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Tucker explains why 'the stakes couldn't be higher' as border crisis surges


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Watch this “Tucker explains why 'the stakes couldn't be higher' as border crisis surges” video below:

Fox Nation’s ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ host discusses the impact of the border crisis and provides an inside look at his new show.

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  1. Its time to stand up… The DemoRAT leaders are terrorists trying to take America down from the inside. They've duped a lot of honest Americans into following them, and we have to try to help those people. But DemoRAT leaders have no position in polite society moving forward.

  2. Why the left doesn’t understand, that as wealthy a country we are, we do not have unlimited resources and that scarcity is real, is beyond me. That they think they can implement this reckless power grab by simultaneously creating de facto open borders and also extending citizenship, entitlements, access to institutions without paying a dime towards them, and ultimately the ballot without devastating consequences is also beyond me. As always when the consequences of this betrayal become apparent, the media will dutifully lay down cover and make excuses for the Democratic Party, somehow blaming this all on the right. Meanwhile economic, social, and financial ruin via their reckless spending and the active demonization of their own country will play out over the years and the term “gaslighting” won’t even begin to describe their excuse making and scapegoating.

  3. Please stop using the PC/Woke term "Migrants", "Undocumented migrants", "Undocumented workers", etc. They are, by definition of Law "Illegal Aliens" . which is a foreign national who has entered the United States WITHOUT legal permission, authorization or inspection; or who entered the U.S. legally but has since fallen out of status by overstaying or by violating the terms of legal entry.

  4. Dems couldn't care less about US citizens. They are globalist communists. They want this country to blend in with the rest of the third world. I can't understand why Americans aren't getting this yet because by now it is clearly obvious. Lies are more palatable than the truth. I just keep telling the truth. Some Americans are listening but not enough to save us. By the time we get this we will already be a communist dictatorship. American politicians are corrupt. Just ask Sidney Powell.

  5. Clearly these people don't understand that they are coming into a country with corrupt politicians in the white house who work for globalist communists. You'd think if they knew that ahead of time they wouldn't have come. There are no jobs to be had and no freedom under communist rule.

  6. Tucker* Oh THank you For asking that ! It is driving me insane waiting for someone above Biden to stop this crap they are doing to our country, He really is ending our culture & country we worked hard for*

  7. Loving how fox news got comments turned on, cause they aren't afraid of backlash or discussion, while all those fake news networks turn their comments off immediately. Afraid of being exposed as the liars they are

  8. NAMBLA gets a new crop of fresh meat.
    Somebody had to replace Epstein's functions of supplying the demands of the elites. Might as well be a guy who married his teenage baby sitter. Her name is Jill. His name is Bendict Biden, the Big Guy, the King of Kickbacks, every little girls' boobyman.


  10. Welcome to America! Where still in the midst of this unprecedented modern pandemic, most fun activities are closed, we’ve got a major problem with “white supremacy”, the cops might gun you down for fun, and we need to cut carbon emissions pronto, but come on in! Our horrible country is your new home! ❤️, the Democrat Party

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