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Tucker: Biden raises your taxes while he dodges his own


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Watch this “Tucker: Biden raises your taxes while he dodges his own” video below:

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ hosts slams politicians for creating nothing while taking Americans’ money. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. BS, Hillary promoted Fracking World wide , govern Newsom issued more Fracking permits continuing the poisoning of ground water in drought prone California.

  2. Any huge bill will be just another Dem power grab….all about giving Hunter the surveillance contract for the Green New Deal..that is Joe's agenda…same one as his entire enrich himself and his family..his crime family. Hunter had the surveillance contract for facial recognition in China for the CCP…he is ready to get his billions here in America now.

  3. When democrats gonna wake up on this climate change hoax. All they're doing is using the words "climate change" and "racism" to fund their agenda. They have been funding climate change and racism for years and years but where does all the money go. Sure they use a little bit here in a little bit there to fend off the masses. But trillions of dollars has been raised in the name of climate change and racism and nothing has been done it's a joke. Wake up democrats.

  4. Remember, what he said executive orders are what dictators do? I want to hear from the Democrats about what's going on. Why is the silence, not the politicians but the people because this affects you and your children?

  5. Joe… You are about as bright as …nothing. The ONLY thing we are handing out children is a huge dept they won't even be able to pay off. You are a cold hearted bastard and there is nothing good that is going to come out of this administration except the END OF AMERICA! AND PETE. JUST SHUT IP. YOUR NO SMARTER THAN THE REST OF THE DEMARATS

  6. If they really want to fix things there are two choices 1) tidal power requiring thousands of miles of coastal installations or 2) molten salt reactors that can burn nuclear waste as fuel not to mention thorium repeated uranium plutonium as well as a actinides and lampinides you know all those leftovers. Nothing else comes close to providing enough safe clean 24/7 a valuable power. These are not even on their green list.

  7. If they really wanted to fix things they would need to support molten salt reactors or tidal power as these are the only things that can provide enough power that is 24/7 available . and only the middle class can pay this no one else has the money. Shame Biden know nothing about real economics . there you go if well fix the roads we can ride a train ? If the highways are fixed why would need to take a train? Just more Joe crow law!

  8. We will all survive. We will all be alright. Just live your life and let the clowns run the government. Not like we can do anything about it. Sure you can vote but the lobbyist will soon control the new guy. Change won’t happen unless we get rid of lobbyists.

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