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Tucker: Americans deserve to know the real number of migrants here


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Have a look at this “Tucker: Americans deserve to know the real number of migrants here” video below:

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host analyzes steps government is taking to hide critical info about border crisis. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. And people with basic values such as not being a greedy Thief the way I see it the swamp is real Dominion machines and the cards were cheating and you cut Trump off forget you fox

  2. Yeah yeah some of you hate Mexicans. I get it but the MAJORITY of Americans voted for Biden to give immigrants a reasonable and safe path to citizenship. Think of Ellis Island. We need more immigration processing centers with monuments and all.

  3. The powers that be, want this to happen, it is a plan that was actioned many years ago to literally reenact Troy, a story of a city that was defeated from the inside…. this is the beginning of the end for the USA.

  4. This is what happens in today's date while more than 75 million american people voted president Trump. Imagine what happens just a decade from now when democrats imported millions of new allians to our country and naturalized them.

  5. no more data for the Minister of Truth and the minions of elitist globalista socialists. why did municipalities stick census notification propaganda next to [transmissible malady] compliance information? the math. Tucker, maybe you and Maria should BOTH pack your bags for Atlanta, and go work for CNN. do another piece about flying saucers or something.

  6. Do we have to wait to be utterly destroyed as a nation, until the majority of our young are decimated by drugs, neglect, or sexual abuse and drug trafficking like the poor children techinically under our care at the border before we shout that we have had enough? Our corrupt and incompetent president and vice-president along with the corrupt Speaker of the House should all be impeached for ignoring, lying about, and covering up what is going on at the border. to say nothing of all the other unconstitutional actions they are taking. God help us as a nation when we meekly allow the double impeachment and constant abuse of an outstanding president, but turn a blind eye to the serial corruption and seditious activities of the one we have now.

  7. sadly, but it's too late, all these things that happen will eventually bring US to its knees, while china rises, US is lead by its own enemies and traitors , just like all the western world today, once the USA is down, the whole West will collapse for good, poverty and despair will take place, it hurts to write that but it's so obvious

  8. the border crisis was started in 1985 when republican ronald reagan enacted the amnesty law…trump had 4 years to get rid of it but never in reality both political parties contributed to the mess..blaming each other is moot at this point..change the law is the answer to the argument? otherwise the present president swore to obey the law and the law is you can ask for amnesty..

  9. What reason are they coming for? Is there a war? I'm afraid America will fall under this government. Lies followed by more lies and they just put two fingers up when challenged to their lies.

  10. Ignorance celebrated here at FOX – frames every story as clickbait designed to trigger your emotions.

    YouTube – Harvest of Empire – discover the refugee numbers and how American policy supporting corporate profits left countries vulnerable and in chaos.

    The United States foreign and domestic policies upend democracy with violence to control resources, monopolizing all human need. Your consumption is a global threat.

    Your consumption defining your success has humanity fighting over scraps as our flooded poisoned planet is set ablaze.

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