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Trump to establish '1776 Commission' to promote patriotic education


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Have a look at this “Trump to establish '1776 Commission' to promote patriotic education” video below:

‘The Next Revolution’ panel weighs in.

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  1. Downloaded…

    Read it…

    Yes – America has it's problems (FAR less than any other country). WORK with the rest of us to improve this nation! NOT tear it down…

  2. it’s great that republicans aren’t even pretending to be libertarian anymore; this commission was entirely subjective propaganda COMING DIRECTLY FROM THE EXECUTIVE

  3. Listen if we gonna educate children we need to be honest. America has ALWAYS taught us to love this country. We pledge allegiance to the flag every morning. What schools do they go to?

  4. Sleepy creepy joe straight knocked that in the head now that he robbed us if our right to vote
    Our once great nation has been
    Undermined by socialist TREASONOUS TRAITORS……
    they have taken our right to vote
    Now the rest of our freedoms and civil liberties…

  5. Acknowledgement of slavery and the effects of it throughout history into our present isn’t the “liberal media and education system” trying to brainwash your kids; these are things that actually DID happen. If you want to be blindly patriotic and ignore the atrocities that have happened throughout America’s history that still have lingering effects on those affected groups today, such as slavery, the trail of tears, and the Japanese internment camps, then that’s your right. But to perpetuate the idea that America is and always has been the perfect place to live with no deep rooted history of bigotry, genocide, and inequality, then you’re living in a lie.

  6. Teach Facts, not patriotism. Just because we don’t like things that happened in America doesn’t mean we rewrite them. An unwillingness to learn from them will have negative consequences

  7. Wait, wait, wait. I’m supposed to believe that progressive ideology ruined this country? Progressive ideology created this country. If pre-revolutionary Americans didn’t want progress, Queen Elizabeth II would be our queen and we wouldn’t have a 1776 revolution to celebrate let alone have these pseudo-intellectuals denigrate with their warped understanding of western civilization. Facts matter. Progressive thought made this country possible.

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