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'The Five' react to Giuliani's first TV interview since FBI raid


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Have a look at this “'The Five' react to Giuliani's first TV interview since FBI raid” video below:

Tucker Carlson compares Rudy Giuliani raid to Hunter Biden investigation on ‘The Five.’ #FoxNews #TheFive

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  1. All they can do is talk about Hunter Biden… they refuse to say anything about wat illegal activities Giuliani was involved with!!
    SHEESH! Shut up!

  2. Juan, where is John Solomon, The Durham report? Rudy daughter disown him. Kelleyane Conway disowned her. Beth Moore disowned CONSERVATIVES. Juan keep reciting facts and data

  3. Hunter biden, hunter biden, oh but hunter biden!! Lol this will be the last name they say as they take their last breathe in life!! It kills them that nothing happens to Hunter Biden! LOL!!!

  4. The Bidenhybrids & Pelothingy are only focused on to bring a Free Thinker DJ Trump down and out , a threat for their Hybrid-empyrium. The Bidenhybrids will make evidence to lock DJ Trump up or put him so far away, that we never hear anything anymore from the Hero and Best President ever DJ Trump aka T R I U M P H

  5. It is funny how many people on here talking bad about Tucker yet they are here watching the entire show. I don't sit and listen through shows with people I don't care for. I skip right over anyone on CNN and a few others. It tells you their motive. They Are attention seekers and thumbs up junkies.

  6. We are witnessing the beginning of the fall of the United States has these leftist lunatics take over the country they are pulling crap like this. They are bypassing due process of law. This was unconstitutional liberal judges and das and collusion with the FBI in collusion with the president covering up for Hunter Biden trying to make president Trump look bad I just pray to the Lord that President Trump runs again in 2024 and spanks their butts

  7. Juan, Rudy is being sued for slander, has his home raided as a result of an investigation started by Trump's FBI AND DOJ. Juan, you recited a WaPo article later retracted. No worries. Human error

  8. Juan does that regularly Bonnie. Makes faces constantly. Juan doesn't understand English at times. Joe didn't know anything about it because the agent told Giuliani the orders came from the top. Kamala

  9. Even Democrats know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to have to be removed due to the mess at the southern border… What better place to find the ammunition to do just that than in Rudy Giuliani's records?

  10. Fox News is weak af for not showing those pictures on a GD loop. 24/7 til the next presidential election and beyond. Viewers are ADULTS and deserve the news unfiltered.

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