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'The Five' react to Democrats' call for $10T 'green spending plan'


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Have a look at this “'The Five' react to Democrats' call for $10T 'green spending plan'” video below:

President Biden is set to push for major tax increases; ‘The Five’ weigh in. #FoxNews #TheFive

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  1. Spend spend spend bankrupt us on ur call I swear they want china to take over already in cahoots say goodbye to your world just a matter of time unless these Dems are stopped…trump was the best..gimme a break…look at these fools

  2. This is just another liberal set-up like under Obama. Give contracts to his cronies, they draw millions in salaries, then declare bankruptcy and walk away richer…and American citizens once again get the short end of the stick.

  3. No amount of money can alter the historical, cyclical fluctuations in the output of the Sun. What part of, "Its the Sun, stupid!" don't these people get? Want to make money off this deal? Develop Sunscreen 2 Million…

  4. Juan it's 5 percent on infrastructure Juan is ridiculous no it's not this is the highest bill ever we need to remove Pete and the rest of the morons of the democratic party

  5. Spend it on cleaning the oceans and rivers, take Australia's example and reduce plastics down to liquid , and reuse it, clean up these land fills, build these burners and make electricity or melt plastic and turn it into fuel. Stop throwing money away. Stop wasting. We have to WORK for these tax dollars, use concrete to make roads, stop using tar and assfault. Make diesel fuel and gasoline.

  6. Does Biden think he is using the board game Monopoly money. Biden is away with the fairies. He will not have to pay it back he will be dead. Make the American president and vice presidents wagers a 90% tax rate. If presidents got paid for the achivements so far Biden would have got zero payments .

  7. Criminal demacates just want to spend money on useless projects that will never devolope into anything but a failure project.. WHAT A SHAME. If they open the job's right know, they can do alot good. President Trump handed them a booming recover. But of course not ! they want to distroy everything President Trump did.. Criminal demacates want to distroy the American people and this country . to have government control OVER people. Comes right down to socialist and Communist DICTATORS .

  8. Making cars electric is a way to price the poor out of a car, thats the simple fact of it. All major car companies have an electric car in the wings, they know whats coming.

  9. 10 Trillion? Just send your paychecks to the Pirate Ship "DC Capitol" to the ship's purser, and including everything else you won that has any value. Democrats are not interested anymore in what the green deal might give the republicans to talk about at election time, since they just proved they can cheat any vote they want by whatever win % they want. Long live the Jolly Roger.

  10. this is international racketeering and for a bit of time, the whole global economy will be paying to sustain this excessive money print … until US starts feeling lack of foreign investor confidence and hyperinflation will soon follow

  11. This bills have to be so large so corrupt politicians like Puppet Biden and Pelosi can line their pockets with tax money and money from lobbyists. Biden and his administration are a disaster.

  12. I Voted for Trump btw… But… Tesla's are $40,000 and with the incentives knocked down to $30,000 which is typical car price now! I have a Tesla battery in my RV, never had a problem with it. It's the smallest of the Home batteries, I sure didn't Freeze during our Texas Snow Electric Outages!!

  13. I wouldn't mind if they gave the money to Elon Musk because he knows what he's doing unlike the Knuckleheads in Government!! China is making Solar Panels for the price of DryWall!!! How can a USA company complete with that?? Factory would have to be fully automated and subsidized to succeed!

  14. The left just makes up things out of the blue that they can pump billions of "other peoples money" into their own and their friends pockets with bogus programs that do nothing more than make liberals feel good. It's like they are all addicts needing something outside, to make them feel good inside.

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