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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott holds press conference


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Have a look at this “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott holds press conference” video below:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott holds a press conference to provide an update on Operation Lone Star.

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  1. Most are just going to corrupt America even more than it already is.
    Those reporters are stupid
    They have no idea how bad it is.
    I say do what ever you have to do to bring down the cartel and send back the imigrints until they can do it the correct way.
    It's incredible what Biden, Harris would do for votes and by the way who is really behind all this?
    Please keep America safe.

  2. The only times bad things happened in the Republic of Texas is when the Fedguv was involved. I'm glad to see the great Country/State of Texas has "taken the bull by the horns" again!!!

  3. Abbott is grossly mistaken if he claims president Biden has a open border policy. The numbers are the same as trumps. It would refreshing to hear a republican politician tell the truth for once. Sadly I think they are incapable.

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