[Syria] Highway M-20. Hunting for “snakes” | Шоссе M-20. Охота на “змей”

A wounded enemy is always dangerous And a dodgy, shifty sand viper like DAESH – doubly so

One feels the tension all the time while advancing along the M20 higway No one can be sure where exactly the landmine is laid or where the moving troops could get under fire —come on, move— Deir Ez-Zor province is the last stronghold of the terrorist pseudo-state The province used to cover most of the Syria's oil extraction before the war began The one who is in control of oil production is the one to determine the future of post-war Syria

Probably this explains why the YPG forces stated recently that they are about to start cleaning up areas on the Euphrates' left bank —43:85, it's 185 m to target— —roger that, 43:85, wait for it— —you are the group No 1, roger?— —can you see any militants to the right from the hill?— —troops moved to the hill that we have fired before— —affirmative— —we want to be the first to pass 2 km forward, do you copy?— After a short preparations mobile infantry groups are moving forward under cover of the armored vehicles and pick-ups Performing combat reconnaissance, they report the terrorists' positions and movements to the command post A lot of responsibility falls on artillery and aviation spotters Whose mission is to detect the exact enemy's location right on time

—come on guys, jump off— —the mortar! go, go!— —it's far away, let's go!— —they are there (militants)— —that's the return fire from our men— As soon as the terrorists were pushed out from the last hills surrounding M20 highway the SAA forces reached the open country, the real Syrian desert The enemy is unable to offer proper resistance under these conditions In the open terrain, all of the their movements are visible using drones While the portable ATGMs are able to reach their targets at a distance of 5+ km Which is often sufficient to make any sudden terrorist attack impossible in daytime

Dozers keep building new caponiers for artillery units as well as fortifications for infantry and tanks SAA forces advance more than 10 km in 24 hours As soon as tanks moving along the highway from the flanks, reach the outskirts of the village, they are immediately fired upon from the hills by terrorist's pick-ups with anti-aircraft guns —we've got under ZU-23 fire, tanks are in the direct fire positions— —looking where they are being fired from— —where's our tank shooting to, take a look— —load it up, we'll shoot the same area— On the M20 they set up the howitzer for a direct fire —There are two ZU-23 there— Militants are looking for a cover in the folds of the terrain, one of the groups is moving forward to block their the freedom of maneuver

At the very same time, the "viper" strikes suddenly on the other flank —suicide bomber— —Welcome to Deir Ez-Zor (province)— These are the outskirts of the first village on M20 highway It is called Harbish This is where the administrative border between Homs and Deir Ez-Zor provinces passes There are several villages more for SAA to pass through

The largest ones are Kobajep and Ash Sholah —SAA's major general M Hadur: it is all clear 5 km to the left and right from the highway — —After an attack three hours ago our soldiers have taken the village and a nearby hill— —There are our troops as well There are only few houses— —We entrench in here tonight

Will get our supplies, ammunition and personnel prepared— —To proceed the offensive tomorrow— —We've had zero casualties today— —A victory without casualties is a great victory— —A VBIED once arrived to the highway It was going to set off among our soldiers— —Thank God our soldiers have spotted him and fired with ZU So it has detonated

— —Here look this is a human flesh It's from a suicide bomber— —A piece of flesh— —This was an engine— —This used to be a Chevrolet SUV

A taxi—

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