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Struggling to get unemployment? Try this | FOX News Rundown podcast


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Fox News Rundown podcast | April 29, 2020
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The coronavirus pandemic and China’s handling of the virus has worsened U.S.-China relations. As the U.S. attempts to…..(read more)


  1. Of course sleepy Joe doesn't think he sexually assaulted this woman, he can't even remember last week or how to form a cognitive sentence most of the time. He needs to be held to the same stands that Republicans were held to.

  2. STOP calling EDD system antiquated! Just an excuse. The problem is EDD manpower. These claim forms will need to be processed via determinations due to special Covid-19 circumstances and the implementation of the stimulus Bill to help those forced into layoffs due to mandatory self isolation.

  3. States CAN process these claims asap. Computers are not the issue. Manpower is. EDD should call / contact & rehire retired former EDD Determination interviewers as temp PIs to process help process these claims. Come on. Common sense! @SenTedCruz @POTUS CA 5/1/2020

  4. Follow the rules…For goddess’ sake…like that has ever been the way to effect change…it was difficult to stomach so much of the pablum in this podcast…I listened to the end, hoping to find something redeeming…I didn’t…and can’t get those minutes of my life back….

  5. We live in a constitutional republic America is a constitutional republic not a liberal democracy. Who the f*** is this guy who said that America is a liberal democracy he needs to have his f**** head examined

  6. How is it that the Trump administration able to send out close to 80 million stimulus checks to Americans in all 50 states yet the individual states cannot even send out unemployment checks funded primarily by the US treasury?

    Now I do understand there are many who has filed for unemployment and that the states has been overrun with requests but this has been going on for several weeks. Congress passed the stimulus bill at the end of March. I received my stimulus check on April 15th as promised by Steve Mnuchin. Some states will not reopen on May 1st. When will the states get their act together? The MSM would have held the Trump administration responsible for not getting out the stimulus checks but where is the scrutiny for the governors?

  7. Not feeling very confident in the DOJ. I been hearing about china hackers since 2006, when they going to do anything about it.

  8. Those that lost their jobs are not yet receiving any help… but those that were already unemployed (not working to begin with) are getting more money then ever before.

    They're getting $600 extra a week unless already maxed out here in California. And now they will be getting up to $325 extra of Cal Fresh (aka food stamps) per child.

    I want to help people but those only leeching off society need to be addressed.

  9. Ive been waiting for over a month for unemployment benefits in the state of Connecticut, and have not gotten a dime, nor have I received my stimulous check from the federal government! Starvation begins this week!!! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!!!

  10. I felt horrible i had to stay home with a cold during the corona lockdown. Felt like milking the system during a time when people are needed most to keep the economy going just a bit. And then there are people who want unemployment.

  11. Why isn't anybody asking the journalist that revealed that they had all been vaccinated the day a fox reporter revealed that data had been incorrect? And why isn't anyone paying attention to Fauci sending $3.7 million to WUHAN to continue nephasrious research that had been stopped in a N. Carolina lab back in 2014/15? And why aren't any of y'all asking why Fauci, Obama, and Gates all stated matter-of-factly that there would definitely be an epidemic during the Trump's presidency? Why aren't any of you asking why CDC's numbers have been manipulated concerning Cvd19? Why don't you ASK THE QUESTIONS THAT ALMOST ALL OF AMERICAN'S WANT ASKED AND ANSWERED? IM DONE LISTENING TO Y'ALL. ADIOS.

  12. Why you talked about relationships with China I wonder. Maybe still need some of relation with China but we need companies back to USA. Make things in America. From after this Corona Virus things over we will grow back again. Like President Trump said.

  13. American doesn't know how they think or business, or Political matters are they're communist party. They're not Democracy or free world like us. We should look up more about Chinese attitude or
    Or how they think to American way…. They think we are stupid and not to them. They might laughing about us doing things. But to President Trump mind they can't cheat like used to past President. They fooled or negotiated with past President but not with President Trump.

  14. Trump destroyed America. He can't handle simple things, bc he is stupid, nevermind when we need a leader during covid 19, he delayed and responsible for many deaths for that.

  15. I ran out of unemployment on 4/4/20 I got a letter saying I can't apply til Nov when my benefits year is up. I got that letter twice for some reason. I can get on the website and I got into my account. I go to try and file a claim like I do weekly normally and it says I have to reopen my claim. I searched the website I found a link that says click here to reopen your claim or file a new one. its disabled. I call and call and call and call nothing. The website updates every once in awhile. The last one says that PUA will be processed during the week of 5/12/20. before that they said it would be done automatically. I qualify under that because I exhausted my benefits. I would get 13 extra weeks. I just hope they process whatever they have to process for me. I am barely hanging on. =(

    I am just so frustrated! and this podcast didn't help at all!

  16. I need a way to block network news from youtube, this is ridiculous every video on my feed is this crap. NETWORK NEWS HAS BECOME TRASH. WONDER IF I copy, paste this every time I get one of these videos it will change.

  17. Believe all-woman unless Allegations are against a Dem/Socialist/Commies If Juan Williams was speaking I change the Channel…………
    I heard if a natural disaster happened The treaty and Tariffs Communist China is off the hook……….

  18. US government is transplanting its failure and incompetence in resisting the virus to China despite of China's efforts of warnings and sharing of the experiences obtained at the great cost of Chinese people's lives and properties.

  19. They'll be taking us into a fake war w real deaths over China, don't worry! They're telegraphing the hell out of this & have been for a while. These people are sick, psychotic, & dangerous


    "It's a hoax by democrats"

    "Its like a flu"

    "It will miraculously go away"

    "CoronaVirus cases will suddenly go down from 15 to 0"

    "We will open the economy by Easter and there will be celebrations in packed churches"

    "Nobody knows about viruses more than me"

    "Nobody knows about South korea more than me,do you know Seoul has a population of 38 Million?"

    "No I don't take responsibility as its Obama administration's fault, they gave us a broken system"

    "Its China's fault, they told us about the virus too late"

    "I didn't downplay the virus, W.H.O did"

    "I'm a cheerleader"

    "We should treat it like a flu"

    "Governors are lying about ventilators,they don't actually need that many ventilators"

    " Federal government is just a backup, states are responsible for lack of equipment"

    "States and local hospitals should do their own tests, we are just backup"

    "Media should be ashamed of themselves for creating panic"

    "I'm a smart guy"

    "We have the best tests, those tests are beautiful"

    "Everyone should congratulate us and be thankful.We did a fantastic job, no one could imagine what we did"

    "I didn't know about the letter Peter Navarro sent me in January warning about an upcoming Pandemic I just read it yesterday(5th April 2020)"

    "I always knew it was a pandemic"

    "The virus is genius, it's too brilliant"

    "We will have "tremendous" suicides in our country"

    "Anyone who wants a test will get a test"

    "We can't test everyone"

    "When someone is president of United States he has TOTAL authority"

    "United States is the greatest nation in the world"

    Edit: *I'm a conservative and I hate hypocritical lying democrats but it doesn't change the fact that Donald Trump reaction to Coronavirus has crossed all limits of clownery, idiocracy and selfishness!
    He doesn't care about the people,he's EXTREMLY delusional. All he does is spread hatred among people*

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