Spring rain not record-breaking yet

Last month's floods left some people with a lot of cleanup With more rain on the way TODAY — A lot of you may be wondering – is this going to cause more problems? Storm team meteorologist Alexis Walters joins us live this morning, outside

Alexis how is that rain going to affect the several inches we already got this month? [D11]LEXI FLOODING 2-TOSS It's a question I know we've gotten a lot in the weather center – "its, been so rainy, we must be breaking some records aren't we?" In the Valley, we've seen flash floods, river floods and areal floods in the past month Those events wreaked havoc on many people's yards, basements, and property all around But record breaking? not quite when we look at rain totals While we had 20 rain days in May, we were just shy of 4" of rain for the month We would have needed almost 6 more inches before reaching the number 1 wettest May on record – that was back in 1946 Even last year we had more rain in May – over 4 inches This June – so far we have had less rain days but almost just as much rain as the whole month of May

For the entire month of June – the record is over 10 and a half inches we would need – almost 7 inches in the next few weeks to hit that record Its not ruled out that we could meet that and this forecast is fairly soggy But looking at the models of how much rain we plan to add the next few days

Rain looks to be light to steady, slowly tacking on a half inch to 1 1/2 inches each each day And with some sunshine namely tomorrow – that gives you and your lawns a break and a chance to dry out live in Boardman,

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