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Ship blocking Suez Canal is freed


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Watch this “Ship blocking Suez Canal is freed” video below:

Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo reports on the MV Ever Given that hit the bottom of the Suez Canal and has been stuck since Tuesday.

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  1. She is definitely massive that is one big ship to say the least thankfully that she has been released but can you imagine billions of dollars was wasted doing this time on a daily basis.

  2. Fox Anchor “how big is this ship right?!?”
    Reporter “yeah we’ll see how progress continues and what this means for the global economy.”
    Fox Anchor “yeah, but how big is this ship am I right?!?”

  3. Is it a coincidence that ship says EVERGREEN? We all know that was Hilary Clinton’s code name. We also know that children and women have been trafficked using empty containers like the ones on this ship. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cargo on this ship are people from the border. Has anyone investigated this???

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