Seth Rollins SHOOTS On WWE! Injured WWE Star RETURNS! | WrestleTalk News Sep. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News – I’m Oli Davis Ric Flair Update Several weeks ago, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was suddenly hospitalised ahead of a planned operation

He reportedly had an obstructive part of his bowel removed, and, at one point, supposedly had a 20% chance of survival But just when Death had Flair on the ropes… he kicked out at two and did a strut across the ring – woo! To celebrate, the stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, Death beating, wheelin’ ‘n’ dealin’ son of a gun has done what any self-respecting professional wrestler would do: release a new t-shirt: “I'm Backkkk! Thanks To Everyone For The Support These Past Couple Weeks

I Ain't Dead Yet Mother F*******! WOOOOO! http://RicFlairShopcom” With a video of the Nature Boy declaring he’s “back up and running” and he’ll see us soon, all while wearing his new ‘I Ain’t Dead Yet Mother F******’ apparel Seth Rollins Shoots On WWE John Cena and Roman Reigns weren’t the only two WWE wrestlers publicly ‘shooting’ last week Both Sasha Banks and Oooh Kingslayer Seth Rollins have voiced their frustrations with the company, too, appearing on the Summerslam editions of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast On the same episode where Rollins revealed his entrance music almost had the seductive Kingslayer line before they went with ‘Burn It Down’, he also explained why his original Curbstomp finishing move was scrapped

“It’s not my fault Trust me It’s not like I was [saying], ‘oh yes, I want a new finisher’ No, they snatched it from me They took it from me

After WrestleMania, I had won the [WWE] title, and I flew across the country to do the Today ShowI’m representing the company I look good in a suit And I’m wearing the title and then [Vince McMahon] sees this package of me stomping another man’s head into the ground and it being called The Curbstomp on national television And he thought to himself, ‘well, that’s not a good representation of what I want my top guy to do’I get it I hate it I think it’s silly, but it is what it is and it’s not my company I’m doing the best I can with it

” Rollins stopped using the Curbstomp back in 2015, and according to Seth it “will never come back” Rollins has used two finishing moves since, both adopted from other wrestlers – Triple H’s Pedigree and an amalgamation of Kenny Omega’s V-Trigger and Kazuchika Okada’s Rainmaker Darren Young Returns Darren Young has been out with injury since January after taking a hard bump on the ring apron, which caused: “Hyperextension which resulted in a traumatic dislocation & fracture of the coronoid process of the right elbow” The thus now incorrectly named No Days Off Darren Young was reportedly medically cleared back in August, but only returned to the ring on Friday night, competing in a Battle Royal at a Raw house show – prompting Young to tweet in celebration: “#UKNOWWHATTIMEITIS 😂 WE BACK AT IT! #WWEWichita ✌🏽️❤️️” Did Sasha Banks just tease that she’s leaving WWE? And let’s relive five botched NXT call-ups Click the vidoes to the left to learn more, press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon

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