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School sparks protests after proposing to rename after Obama


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Have a look at this “School sparks protests after proposing to rename after Obama” video below:

Kristal Knight, former political director of Priorities USA, and Matt Gorman, former NRCC communications director, debate the proposed name change of a Chicago middle school.

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  1. "… I absolutely agree that those two presidents…" I guess former political director Knight doesn't know that Daniel Webster was not a president. Probably why she is a former director.

  2. This doesn't make any sense why and whose decision is it to change the school's name under Obama, the schools have a name already and it should remain the same, there are more important things to worry about the children's education is more important than changing a name on a school and it's a waste of taxpayers money besides is he going to make donations to that school, is he going to show up to that school to give support to the children, if he would like a school of his own with his own name he has the funds and the ability to do so, I have a better idea why don't we change the name to Jesus now that is an important King,

  3. You pieces of crap always try to make yourselves and Obama look good when that's impossible, you ms knight were a part of the worst presidential administration until the Biden administration

  4. Obama did nothing for America in 8yrs….he sold guns to terrorists across the border ppl died from it ….he hung out in Cuba with a known torturer and nobody will tell me he didn't know Biden was getting 10% and he and Michelle are now making millions off of saying America is racist….if that's true how was he president for 2 terms

  5. They're mad for him kicking out illegal immigrants? That's the one thing he did correctly in 8 years. We already have a Barack Obama library at my job site but the only papers in it are the ones we used to wipe our asses after we take a dump.

  6. Julio Castro also stole over $5 billion dollars from HUD when he left so figure that one out. Geez seems like every cityhas fallen the the woke "LGBT" me nority is being run into the ground out of their vindictive nature.

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