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This week on TGC News, New stuff from Ruger and Savage, HK gives the CEO das boot, and a chassis for the sig P320! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, My name is Jon Patton Not only am I giving away a POF Revolution 308 piston driven rifle, AND a trip to come hunting with me for some hogs down in Alabama, BUT right now until the end of the week, you can get 10% off of everything on TGCgear

com with the code LABOR10 The giveaway ends September 15th so get on it! There is a link to the rules down in the description below to find out the details I can’t wait to take one of you guys on the trip of a lifetime for both of us! Now, news and stuff Let’s kick this week off with some new guns First up, Savage has expanded their line of BA Stealth rifles by adding a ton of left handed models

And for those of you that are right handed, imagine if everything you had to do with a gun felt backwards, sort of like you were forced to shoot a gun upside down all the time or something, thats what its like a lot of times for lefties The rifle features all the normal stuff from the 10/110 BA Stealths like the accutrigger, the stealth chassis with MLOK among others standards Calibers for the lefty models include a new to the line 223, 308, 300 win mag, 65 creedmoor, and 338 lapua

MSRP’s range from 1207 on the low end to 1622 for the lapua Ruger is also expanding its line up with the addition of a Ruger American Ranch in 762×39 I’m actually pumped about this offering because 762×39 ammo is still really cheap so if you want to plink a lot, you don’t feel as bad as you would with something chambered in 308

The other interesting thing about this rifle is that it uses existing Ruger Mini30 magazines I would rather have seen Ruger utilize AK magazines but at least it's not something proprietary to this rifle One other feature to note is that its 16 inch barrel is threaded ⅝ by 24 so all standard 30 caliber muzzle devices and suppressors should work just fine MSRP on the Russian American hybrid from Ruger is 599 It seems to be that time of year when people are switching their attention away from releasing new stuff now in favor of SHOT show launches in January, that being said, it's cool to see some expanded line ups from Savage and Ruger And in more gundustry struggle-bus news, HK AG, the parent company of Heckler and Koch, fired their CEO/Chairman of the Executive Board just a few days ago on August 28th

This is an interesting move from HK because they’ve seemingly been doing fairly well with the last few years being good with the introduction of the VP9 and its various offspring The US market is a big fan of HK pistols To the point where HK is actually currently building a new facility in Georgia Nathaniel F over at The Firearm Blog made some great counterpoints to that though, he said "the company has also had persistent financial difficulties to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars of debt, coupled with serious management issues

The failure to deliver XM25 CDTE weapons to the US government due to a company officer decisions, as well as the firing of experienced HK USA President Wayne Weber, both point to deeply buried threads of management shortcomings within the company itself" I personally hope that this is going to be a turning point for HK For years they've been looked at as arrogant and perhaps new leadership will understand that the US civilian market is massive and bring out some new and innovative guns that aren’t stupidly over-priced like the SP5K or heavy like the MR556 and MR762 rifles Either way, the only constant here is time and it will tell its' story soon enough What do you think HK needs to do to become a top long gun manufacturer to match its spot near the top of the handgun market? You might be familiar with a chassis system for Glocks known as the Micro Roni

That system has been among the top products that I've been asked about in the last 6 months That being said, I think its kinda silly with the growth in AR9 type guns BUT nonetheless, there is a new challenger in that market Utilizing the modular fire control group and upper from the recently controversial Sig P320, you can have what is essentially a bigger, easier to control pistol The company is called Fire Control Unit and the product is called the EXO ONE

As you can see in the pictures, the 320 components drop right in and it also uses standard P320 magazines Among the more unique features are the folding, non-reciprocating side charging handle, the angled grip on the forward bottom portion and the vertical picatinny rail on the rear much like the Sig MPX to accommodate stocks and braces made for the MPX The top cover portion locks into the lower using a cross pin in the front and a spring loaded pin in the rear that reminds me of an AK top cover a little bit The cool part is that none of it has to be serialized because the trigger pack from the 320 is the serialized portion I’m not sure I would leave behind my AR9 for this but I think it's kinda cool nonetheless

There is no word on pricing just yet but I’m going to completely speculate and say that it comes in around 4-500 bucks for everything shown No word yet on whether or not its drop safe We’ve got some more friendly fire questions that were posted on the TGC facebook page The first one is from Matthew Hartnett and he asks what is the cheapest gun you’ve bought? Believe it or not, I used to own a Mosin Nagant It was a hex receiver made in 1928 and I think I paid $125 for it

I shot it once, and then looked at the amount of nonsense from the corrosive ammo that I had to deal with, I cleaned it and then immediately sold it for $125 They’re fun guns but I’ll let other people have the pleasure of owning them The next question is from Mike Pevine and he asks 9,45 or 10mm for concealed carry? That's a simple one, the answer is yes The reality of the situation is that something is better than nothing and whatever gun chambered in whatever caliber is the thing that you shoot the best, is what you should carry Obviously the gun needs to be practical to carry but my point is that those 3 calibers are all sufficient AND I’ve carried all 3 of them in various situations

And because I feel like it, let's do another one Brian Stackhouse asks, would you hunt hogs with a 556? Absolutely, however, the key in that equation is ammo selection I’ve got experience with the Lehigh Defense controlled chaos and I know that stuff will drop a pig, but I’ve heard good things about the Boar Buster from Freedom Munitions and I’m really curious about the Hornady Full Boar ammo as well Maybe I’ll have to do some gel tests and find out

You need to make sure that the ammo you use has a really solid terminal effect on target when it comes to pigs because if it doesn't, and you shoot a big bad bastard, you might just piss it off haha Now, my friendly fire question to you guys, what would be a dream hunting trip for you? Yes I’m absolutely asking for the reason you think i’m asking Let me know down in the comments below and If you have a question you want answered here on TGC News you can send it to me the friendly fire page on theguncollectivecom! And that is it for this week’s show, guys do not forget to get entered into the TGC Bacon Bash and if you enjoyed this episode, hit that like button and share it with your friends, that is a huge help If you didn’t let me know why down in the comment section below and if you haven’t please get subscribed you won’t want to miss a single episode and as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon!

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