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Rose McGowan responds to backlash from FOX News interview


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FOX News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy reacts to the actress’ video on ‘Fox News Primetime.’ #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimeTime

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  1. shame on Fox for cutting that part she said about republicans too. Because she's correct as both sides have huge problems. They need to be called out & if they sensor that one part, they're almost as bad as the left.

  2. 'we had to cut her off for bad language", BS. Censorship is a big part of MSM. They all have an agenda to protect.

  3. Go Rose I like you I didn't know a whole lot about you other than 'basics'.. I am behind anyone who speaks the truth and we aren't all perfect. I hope she is genuine – so hard to tell these days.. wait, why did fox bring up sexuality.. they are just as establishment – controlled opposition. I'm glad they have Tucker but outside of him I wouldn't care if Fox was gone forever. It may as well be Tucker, pay sites with real talk shows without lies & propaganda – and THEM. Tucker isn't perfect either but he's closest thing to Trump in his wheelhouse – both aren't perfect but they TRY and risk their life doing it.

  4. Considering her history and how she treated different communities who cares what she has to say? Plenty of youtubers already covering such ideas. Stupid shouldnt vote.

  5. she just has mommy issues and her mom was a democrat and she is dispositionally the opposite of her mother so therefore her issues with democrats is only a projection of her own mommy issues…

  6. She mentioned democrats and republicans are both in a cult. Fox News viewers should keep this in mind when it’s time to head to the ballots yet pull the trigger for Repubs again. I’ll give you an example, I’m a lefty who has come to realize what a colossal sellout Bernie was and I have no plans to vote Dem again (he was the one exception I made in 16 yrs of voting third party). Hopefully many of you have the same realization about Trump (who campaigned as a populist but surrounded himself with so much of the classic GOP swamp) and keep that in mind in 2022/2024. Otherwise what’s the point of praising Rose and then going back and continuing to vote Republican (or Democrat in the case of people I used to know?)

  7. Wow Fauxnews admits to cutting the juicy bits of videos. It's fine to have an opinion just make it a fair opinion, and always remember you might be guilty of the same thing.

  8. People need to wake up to what McGowan is saying and they'll never do it as long as FauxNews is spinning it as a right-left divide. They're still running divide and conquer narratives. McGowan's going after the Uniparty. No one seems to grasp what that is though. It's not just politicians and it's not all politicians. Trump wasn't Uniparty. But just about everyone in Hollywood is, and most of the CEOs running corporate America, 90% of the legal system, 90% of the teachers, 95% of the media. And they've got various degrees of involvement/commitment to the Uniparty. You have to understand what she's saying in context of her other comments too. She went after Weinstein for a very good reason, but he's hardly the only predator. He's just the one it's now politically acceptable to call out and hate now that he got exposed.

    Power is intoxicating. Power makes people think they can do whatever they want without consequence, and believe me, ALL of the biggest names in the Uniparty have done such things that any rational person would consider immoral or even unforgivable if they knew about it. But it's the fact that you don't know about it that allows this merry go round to continue. They blackmail each other jockeying for the right to trample on you, because you don't matter to these people. DC runs on blackmail and people's filthy secrets. Rose McGowen is trying to expose the secrets and take down the whole lot of them.

  9. Look, we might not agree on policy and such but we should be able to have a civil discussion about it. That's what the democrats just don't seem to want.

  10. Look I vote Republican but when these ladies said its's the left who doesn't want us to see what we have in common but they literally just shifted blame to the left. Oh the irony

  11. Who in the hrll is bjtt licking Amy schummer selling her soul to Hollywood your not even that funny now your a wanna be far left real racist democratic communist you a tru real liar n a koke

  12. Im a special force marine i almost got killed a few time because I love what america stands for free speech barring guns Hollywood n far left have guns n they cut free speech they are racist n communists

  13. Um… do you not remember that only 16 months ago she told iran that she apologized for the USAs actions for disrespecting the iranian flag and people and told iran that the US is being held hostage by a tyrannical dictatorship??? I have no sympathy for her.

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