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Ronna McDaniel: 'Fake news' GOP women in crisis


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Watch this “Ronna McDaniel: 'Fake news' GOP women in crisis” video below:

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel pushes back on ‘Fox & Friends’ on a New York Times op-ed claiming Republican women are on the brink of extinction. #FoxNews

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  1. Socialist candidates make assumption that any doctor will do just fine for you. That is a huge mistake. We should have a right to seek a second, or even third opinion. It could save your life.

  2. There is no woman in this country that is in crisis absolutely none we live in a matriarchy not a patriarchy women have all the say in men have none hell I would even go as far as to say they don't care about their sons

  3. The Media believes "perception" is reality & are projecting their hopes in editorials. Where I'm from, this is called Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.

  4. I disagree when children are young women should be home teaching them helping them to grow into decent people not key latch children who learn basic living skills from other kids or other kids parents. There's many years after schools gone for women to build careers.

  5. Republican women are FAR from going extinct. How many of them are operating under the Republican ticket on the state and federal level?

    Not to mention the countless Women For Trump you see at his rallies all the time!

  6. What's more alarming is the thought that you NEED more of something just because *insert here*. If they are truly the better candidate and can get this done then I couldn't care a less if they are male our female. However I will not put one of either there for that reason alone…

  7. Wow, I am a suburban college educated white woman, who supports Trump. Was a Democrat until I saw corrupt government give Obama a pass on failing to prove his basic requirements to run for President. And, I am not a Bible thumper per se, since I do not follow organized religion.

  8. NY Times lost credibility during WWll downplaying atrocities against Jewish people(their own people). AND their reporting during Stalin’s starving of the Ukrainian people was pure lies. Why does anyone think THEY are the paper of record? Says who? Really says WHO?

  9. I've noticed my whole life that liberals see the world as they want it to be. Not as it is. They seem too fragile mentally to handle realities that don't align with their wishes and wants. I was raised by people like this, which is why by age nine or so I knew I was on the other side.

  10. Let me say I'm a registered Democrat, I voted for President Trump. I'm also an immigrant citizen. And I have to say that I have no idea what my party is running on and they are proposing nothing for me or my wife.

  11. It seems many women are easily indoctrinated! Anecdotal evidence is all that is required. University educated, but not bright enough to get their children vaccinated! This is the group that slavishly falls for the cultural Marxist left. It all sounds so good on paper! When AOC is your leading light, you have a serious problem dealing with the realities of the world!

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