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Republicans need to 'grow a back bone,' stand up to corporate America: Sen. Cruz


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Have a look at this “Republicans need to 'grow a back bone,' stand up to corporate America: Sen. Cruz” video below:

Texas Republican weighs in on how the ‘radical left’ is ‘dividing America.’

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  1. Ha ha ha backbone like the one Cruz so manly demonstrated when he stood up to Trump for insulting his wife…. Yes, Mr Cruz.. the foremost voice on having a backbone…

  2. I've been saying that for a long time republicans need to grow a set. Inquit folding the 1st time they get a little push back Maybe I'll run for president them good at pushing back just a thought

  3. Republicans standing up to corporate America? How about hiking their taxes? Oh right. This is just clownery from Ted Cancun Cruz!

  4. This dork is a joke and I am laughing at you if you support him. Why don’t you just hand over your man card now. Republicans have started to roll out this blue collar campaign to make you think they are supporting the common man. They are really trying to protect tax increases on wealthy, minimum wage increases and affordable healthcare. They care about blue collar as mush as a elephant cares about an ant. What a loser.

  5. America individualism has its weakness, and America will never recognize that most of the country believes that corporations are winners in the capitalist system, and they can do whatever they want, including right-wing politicians a while back, when they were the ones profiting from sucking corporations duck, that's why china will win the war, Americans can't see it's fundamental problems, china is communists? yeah, communist nations have defeated non-comunists nations in the past, look Sparta vs Athens, even the soviet union in WWII, corporations are little governments with capitalism as spicy, they are not really capitalistic, right now china is investing in AI heavily, with AI the argument of price signal, and many others that make possible capitalistic systems, cease to be true, AI will know what you want before you even think, they will solve most problems of supply and demand, making the communistic dream possible, total control from the government, the fun fact is, Americans believe what they are allowed to believe, do you know why they are hardcore individualists? Because at the time that's what elites wanted them to be, do you know why they will become more socialists? Why right now is what elites want them to be, you are a property, stop acting as if what you think matters and be a good serf, and go back to work.

  6. What a strange time we live in… the right is the party of the working class and the left is the party of the corporate elite. If you told me in the 2000s that this is where things were headed, I would have laughed! Yet here we are.

  7. The only thing that will fix the problem is going after the real problem. Getting rid of corporate profit over people and environment policies, and marketing tactics.

  8. First of all, ask the people. See what we are saying as well. I say we sue them in general. Misappropriation of funds, Tyranny against our Constitution. They are breaking FEDERAL LAWS!!! This is all illegal and needs to be stopped. I will sue if someone backs me. I want them ALL IMPEACHED AND JAILED OR EVERYTHING TAKEN FROM THEM. There are many here who will do it. If i could make a citizens arrest, i would. Where are the Lawyers? Hollywood makes movies and Tv shows with no mask or social distancing. Ball players, wrestlers and so on. They riot with nothing. Planes crowded but we can't have parties. Whatever!!!!! Stop pushing kids back in school. Have you not paid attention to what they are teaching kids today. I say, leave them closed until you have had these teachers either investigated or at least fired and start again. It isn't hard to teach what kids really need to know. If you learned it in school, you can teach it. Wake Up guys. You are asleep to things.

  9. That's the first time something so true, is being talked about by people who everyone thought were the problem but we're not, we had been tricked long enough that's how fundamentally we were duped .theres a crack in the bull. We were fed.thank you fox and senior cruz

  10. Cruz assists in inciting an insurrection along with Trump and other Republicans, they are traitors and have done more to divide America than any other administration.

  11. Ironic that the traitor with no backbone who let Donald Trump question his citizenship, accuse his dad of murdering JFK, and call his wife ugly and did nothing about it is saying anyone needs to grow a backbone. It's hilarious how much of a pathetic shell of itself the Republican party has become. 2022 and 2024 will be a tough pill for you to swallow. Your funeral

  12. Conservatives are Chicken Sh!t! We just cry and take abuse like a battered wife. Instead of fighting the civil war we need. There is NO more room for talk or anything other than bullets

  13. Once his funding dries up, this GQP person will go crying back to them, and give them all the corporate welfare that they want.

  14. Good old Mitch and the Republicans had no problem when they implemented unlimited corporate donations to campaigns. I guess they never thought that these companies might side with their customers and communities over their politicians?

  15. Whoa whoa whoa. So you admit to taking corporate money when it suits your needs but now that they have turned against you now you seek to dismantle them. Dude you abandoned texas when we needed help. And clearly you abandoned the people long ago…

  16. The right wing created the problem with corporate America by deregulating, deregulating, deregulating. Now they want to cry that the corporates are taking over the country and dividing people. Conservatives really are a joke. You can take the hillbilly out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the hillbilly.

  17. Cruz is just another bad manager that caters to special interests, $$$. Sounds like Cruz got woke…10 years too late. Everybody figure out he is a liar yet?

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