Police Shut Down XXXTentacion’s Free Show After Thousands Showed Up

Hey guys for Complex New, I'm Natasha Martinez XXXTentacion has garnered a huge group of diehard fans who are loyal beyond belief, and while that seems like a good thing, sometimes the support disrupts the craft

On Saturday night the Florida native was set to hold a free show at the Orpheum in Tampa, Florida However, after driving a number of hours to get to the small venue, X discovered that the show had been canceled upon arrival Why? Well the Orpheum only supports 750 people, and 3 to 4 thousand showed up to see the rapper perform X shared his frustration on the show being canceled via his Instagram story saying, "Tampa, my deepest apologiesI drove four hours just to basically have the show cancelled on me Apparently because it was over capacity, there [were] at least 3,000-4,000 of you outside, the venue could only support 750 As far as the new free show, I'm going to try and get a free show going, but that was the only venue that wanted to work with me" Telling 3 to 4 thousand fans that the show was not happening did not go over well

The crowd was chanting X's name while waiting outside There were even reports of police using tear gas and bean bag shotguns to clear the area, but still a loyal group of followers stood near the venue in hopes of getting in X apologized again on his Instagram story, "For the inconvenience as of last night, for anyone that was pepper sprayed, for anyone that was shot with the rubber bullets, my apologies I would never try to put your children in a situation like that My deepest, sincerest apologies

" X has been known for pulling some scary stunts online and clearly with a fanbase like his, his influence could cause unwanted consequence, so sincere and poised approach to the mayhem that followed the cancelation of his show is a step in the right direction That's your news for now, for more of today's trending stories subscribe to Complex on YouTube For Complex News, I'm Natasha Martinez

Source: Youtube