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Parent uncovers internal documents exposing school's 'woke' agenda


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Check out this “Parent uncovers internal documents exposing school's 'woke' agenda” video below:

Concerned parent Ian Prior talks pushing back against critical race theory on ‘Fox News Primetime.’ #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime

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  1. The only accurate forms of "privilege" on that list that exist in this country are regarding children with higher income and 2 parent families. Maybe English primary language as well (good). Everything else is pure brainwash propaganda

  2. When you let liberal Arts college teach critical race theory as a academic discipline this is what you get. We need math and science teachers not political ideologues brainwashing kids.

  3. Children are oppressed??? That's laughable
    And Christians arent?? Oh wow. If only you knew. It's going to get so bad for us you're going to start killing us

  4. The democrats want those who are less fortunate to be enslaved on the government plantation. They want keep them dependent on government assistance. As long as the democrats can create a culture of victims who rely on government subsidies they know they have their vote. And that's all they care about – power. The democrats oppress people of color and give them just enough to survive but never enough to no longer rely on them. Its a never ending cycle. And its disgusting.

  5. Schools are closed here in california and have been for over a year. I hope they stay closed. They do more harm then good. Private schools and school vouchers, home schooling is the answer.

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