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'Outnumbered' calls out the left's dangerous anti-cop rhetoric


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Watch this “'Outnumbered' calls out the left's dangerous anti-cop rhetoric” video below:

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses calls to defund the police as violence against police rises. #FoxNews

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  1. But because he was wearing a black lives matter t-shirt he'll get off scot-free and be labeled a hero and probably given the presidential medal of Honor these people need to be assassinated at every f**** turn

  2. WOW… I thought Tomi was super pretty but next to Kayleigh… the lips and eyes on miss McEnany is simply stunning… plus she is by far one of the smartest and probably the one with the most fight in her I have ever seen! This is what neo feminist should be looking up to!

  3. Non of this narrative should be even an issue. Thanks Obama, Biden for allowing Criminals to be a political force. They want no police, then when they need them, don't blame them as you play victim that they don't have your back anymore…. Can't use that excuse anymore… So if a Sista is in trouble with her thug boyfriend, she will have to deal with the consequences… or vice versa

  4. "cops are bad" cause you wanna be thuggin and druggin. don't deny it this is why counter culture exists. you're all animals you want to see the world burn. check.

  5. imagine if the police were privatized? people cant afford food imagine if they had to pay to be safe more then just our taxes but you need a club card or your open to get donedid

  6. just hire every race but white and let them see how dangerous it is and then after a few years ask them if they still feel the same heck even just show them pics of victims of crimes thatll show em why we need police. people are evil lmfao as long as people exist then evil will just as long. wanna stop crime? give the people what they want simple as that lol people dont need to rob people if they have enough for what they need. notice how the rich arent going around killing eachother……….. just like ricky always saids it dont take rocket appliances and a motha fudkin a toe to sew

  7. Been in law enforcement for 10 years and in about 2 months….. I'm hanging up my boots… My kids love me and I want to be around for as long as possible for them.

  8. Saying that all cops are racist bad people is just as accurate as saying all black people are criminals. We both know both statements are false, I really wish the media would push that more so people would actually hear it.

  9. Increasingly, it appears that the Conservative take on this matter is way more sensible and sensitive than the damaging and divisive narrative brought out by the Liberals.

  10. I'll was a college teacher in the humanities. And I need to say that recent actions by some of my fellow college level teachers really disappoints and angers me. We are responsible for what these adult and young adult students are learning. For various reasons we may have the ability to influence them more so than others in their lives. I know I sure wouldn't want to be the one who convinced a student to not call the police during an emergency! I wish they would more carefully consider what they are doing!

  11. Please tell me why when there is a peaceful March why do the police decide to arrest a few people for not wearing a mask. when there are thousands around them with no masks on ….

  12. Portland "Defund the Police" protest, 2 people were hit by a car.
    They yelled, get the number, call the police. What a brilliant bunch.

  13. Every single one of these protestors is a giant hypocrite. If they are ever in trouble, you think they will not call the police if they think their life is in danger? I hope in that case the police don't come. They are pure sheep and deserve big problems in their lives because their ridicuous views have the potential to put real victims' lives in danger with their.. baaaaaaaa…..baaaaaaa rheroric. I hope if they get their way, they are the first ones to get…….ed. Assholes.

  14. This is sickening. One of my closest friends is a former member of both the L.A.P.D. and the D.E.A.
    He is the only close friend I have because he helped see me through my crippling opiate addiction, because he really, really cares. Even he has instructed me to stop trying to argue our point publicly, because it has resulted in some small degree of violence towards me (as well as multiple threats of an extremely vulgar nature). However, this is one issue I'm not taking his advice on. I know he just doesn't want to see me hurt, but frankly, I don't much care to live in a society in which I cannot freely express any (much less such perfectly rational things such as "Voter I.D.")ideas.

  15. I expect and want police, except in NYC. They protected Deblazio's illegal BLM banner. They enforced unconstitutional laws and edicts by closing down Synagogues and other religious spaces while leaving unmolested, the wealthy areas their overloards frequent. They get none of my support.

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