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Oregon restaurant owner slams gov as businesses brace for new shutdown


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Check out this “Oregon restaurant owner slams gov as businesses brace for new shutdown” video below:

Beloved Cheesecakes owner Jen Jacobson blasts the state’s third indoor dining ban on ‘Fox & Friends.’ #FoxNews

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  1. Do people in Oregon realize other states like florida ha e been open this whole time and are doing much better than them this whole time? I guess they were too busy burning down their city.

  2. I want to feel sorry but you voted for that garbage…now you live with that garbage. Here in Texas we have been open and there are no piles of bodies here. Schools did not close for this school year.

  3. Fight back don’t pay osha. And this is just a big power grab for money and control to choke people out and submit to there power and lack of education to think freely and come to common sense if we all stand together united we stand divided we stand. Don’tplay into the covid propaganda agenda

  4. Florida is open for “Full Business” inside and out!!! WE HAVE A LOT MORE PEOPLE IN THE STATE. Oregon is about 1.8 times bigger than Florida.
    Meanwhile, the population of Florida is ~18.8 million people (15.0 million fewer people live in Oregon).OREGON IS RANKED 28TH COMPARED TO FLORIDA BEING RANKED 37TH, BEING 1.8 SMALER THAN OREGON, AND 15 MILLION LESS!!! We are a “Top Tourist State “, with Major Businesses, Bush Gardens,Legoland,Walt Disney World,Epcot,,Animal Kingdom,MAJIC kingdom,Disney Hollywood Studios,Disney Springs,Disney Typhoon Lagoon,Water Park,Disney Blizzard Beach,All Disney’s Hotels,Kennedy Space Center,Sea World,,Everglades National Park,Dry Tortugas National Park,Ernest Hemingway home and Museum,National Aviation Museum,Lion Safari,Florida Cavern State Park,Florida Aquarium, Coral Castle,Salvador Dali Museum,Vizcaya Museum and Gardens,Ocala National Forest, All Springs,Beaches,Castillo de San Marcos, Clearwater Marine Aquarium,City Walk, Camping Parks, Sunken Gardins, DID I SAY!!!!!!!!……….. ALL RESTAURANT ARE OPEN TOO!!!! TELL YOUR GOVERNOR TO STOP WITH THE “BS” !!!!! IF SHE DOESNT OPEN UP YOUR STATE, NOW!!! HAVE THE CITIZENS OF OREGAN TAKE HER TO COURT!!! OVER RULE THE LAW!!, THEY CANT STOP YOU IF YOUR IN COMPLIANCE WITH HEALTH DEPARTMENT.

  5. On Monday, Fox News anchor John Roberts ultimately issued a retraction for implying that a meat ban is part of Biden’s plan to combat climate change. “That,” Roberts says, “is not the case.” The confusion apparently came after a Daily Mail article conflated Biden’s new climate proposals with a 2020 study about the potential impact of Americans eating less red meat,

  6. none of these jackass governors have ever run a business. stop the restrictions and let nature take it's course. The pandemic will end on it's own. they always burn themselves out.

  7. It's a transfer of money with all these shutdowns.
    Completely unconstitutional. Governors have Never had the authority to do any of this.
    Quit voting Blue, or this is what you get…and don't complain.

  8. Two solutions.
    1. Stay open.
    2. it’s more complicated, but relocate your business to a state that isn’t run by morons. Look at everyone fleeing NY and CA for places like TX.

  9. I live in Oregon . They all need to stick together and stay open !! If Wal Mart and all other stores can stay open every restaurant should stay open too. Shut downs have not controlled the spread !!

  10. Once politicians find out they can curtail your rights they then move to take them away permanently this is what happens when common sense does not prevail anymore

  11. This is why we dont have four years to wait for trump to come back. It would be way too late by then. Trump 2024 wont happen unless its Trump Jr. Trump is coming with our military. These commies will be arrested.

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