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NYT, Washington Post, NBC News retract reports about Giuliani FBI 'warning'


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Have a look at this “NYT, Washington Post, NBC News retract reports about Giuliani FBI 'warning'” video below:

The New York Times, Washington Post and NBC News retract reports on Rudy Giuliani. FOX Business’ Liz Claman and Fox News radio host Guy Benson weigh in on ‘Media Buzz.’

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  1. "You can't open an investigation unless you have something substantial to show to a judge"
    – Wrong. Recall the fabricated "evidence" produced by the Clinton campaign that the FBI lied about to the FISA court…. and they have the testimony of the FBI lawyer who did it…. and the texts of the corrupt agents Page and Strzok that quite firmly establish why they did it.
    So…. Yes. You can utterly fabricate an investigation.
    The FBI lawyer already admitted that they did Exactly that.
    Its a little too early to forget the severe credibility problems of the FBI and give them the benefit of the doubt.
    In fact it would be naïve to do so at this point.
    Given their track record in the last 4 years, they have proven to be extremely partisan (again Page and Strzok) and capable of performing criminal acts to frame a presidential candidate during an election.
    Recall the televised FBI night time raid on a political advisor's house for "lying to congress" (is Facebook's CEO in prision when caught in a whopper of a lie… in a congressional hearing…?)
    How about the Wisconsin night time raids and gag orders on Republican supporters.
    Forgot about that too.

    So how can anyone give FBI the benefit of the doubt when they repeat the same clearly biased witch hunt again and again….
    …"but we don't know that they're corrupt…. this time"

    What is the expression: Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice… shame on me… ..
    What do you say if they fool you with the same trick over, and over, and over again?

    No sir. They do Not get the benefit of the doubt this time.

  2. LOL Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, when the only evidence of political corruption revolving around the Ukraine is sitting on a Biden's laptop.

  3. Um, they aren't actually supposed to prosecute fara violations. I read the guidance on the issue is if its serious enough they go to the subject and ask him to register. Now i guess if the subject says no you might look to file but this law is not supposed to be used on people to "get in the door" if you will. First of all that would be a serious ethics violation by the govt attorney's and then the tables are turned and they are the criminals now.

  4. This is a regular tactic from "news" outlets these days. They drop the bombshell headline of fake news at the tail end of the week, then retract it early in the morning on the weekend when no one's looking. That way the next week when anyone links back to it saying "ya see this lying crap??" they just look crazy. Then we all waste the next year trying to correct a bunch of Democrats repeating the same debunked and retracted headline. It keeps their base riled up and it keeps conservatives in a perpetual defensive war. It's unfortunately a VERY effective tactic and they know it, which is why they're never going to stop.

  5. I was a forestry student at the University of Montana, 1964-1967. I remember that students who could not have it for the science and the math, they went to journalism. Well, since 1967, journalism schools have had 54 years of graduating folks who had to drop down their expectations to journalism. Transgender boy, oh boy, how times have really not changed that much. My question is how anyone would read anything that 'journalists' who can spell 'Gramerly' get in media, in lower case.

  6. New York Times and Washington Post are on the same level as The Enquirer ! I would believe the occupants of a crack house before I would these fake news sources!

  7. You guys said Biden was banning meat nonstop for a week and then whispered our bad. You do know your the actual manifestation of hypocrisy and you’ve given up ANY moral high ground but please tell us about retractions

  8. Ah look at that, retractions are happening more rapidly now. Maybe Proj. Veritas is having an effect on these publishers spewing garbage.

  9. “You can’t get a federal judge to approve a warrant without proof of a crime” oh really you can’t? Weird someone should maybe give carter Paige a call and let him know he was never persecuted falsely…. Fox News such a clown show

  10. Look at just what a hundred days of Communism has done to this country, every loyal American should be very disgusted by this fraudulent old crook imposed upon us as a dictator

  11. These liberal new outlets are constantly wrong. They are so eager to say something negative about people on the right that they get stuff wrong all the time. It's ridiculous.

  12. These Democrat owned news media propaganda B/S has been allowed to carry out their B/S stories for too long lawsuits need to be filed to bring them down and bring the meaning of !!news!! back to it's intended purpose , to inform people of truth , not lies like all Democrat owned media has been doing since 2016

  13. Turned 60" off 8 mnths ago time for us all to do it no ratings means no job. Just like sports quit watching these over paid cry babies no job it is literally as simple as that

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