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I g to start f th wee ght Am I rightaking a live look now a t Whi Hou hel agai eryon me e e arte on the Whiteouse i because d straight stheval offi ju sigd an executive order regds to newanctns agnst I

Ro se woerin Hey does io do dre a wha Ron ss was the U thei wats but the ever rhto flnd that prident Dold Tmp i the is oval oice Not lonago is mning

ay tnkou vy much a f momts aeast dinin an ecuti d hiing nctisn th sreme aderf Ir andhe offic o e supre lead oIran a ny oths Today'acti folws aerie Iran andedeein rect week inclingU ros y shudownhe dro of ys I gue everye the so tt onand and many otherhings and one thtanker and wknowf othe ings tt we done so whi wereot goo d not proble whome lear oIran i one timate is reonsibl f e hosle condu of th regime

He's s m offi willot be sred fr e sancons Theeasure reprent a to aanch ireasinyin rponse Presre on rror a Joe t regimeands acvities ands aspitions inudinghe purit of clear apons Incread enrhment uraum veloent of llisti suppt for terrorind And lligert attksirecd againsnits Thagreemt that s sigd s a daster It was sposed to do Many bad tngg ple d mo imptantly it wa so sht term anithi very sht numbeof years ey wou be le to ma nuclea weapo ' acceptleinaudie] Never

weapndave nuclr so incded ithis iwe want e stoage immedtelyf their snsorim theyponsorerrori at th lel that body'sver se fore of iwas gin out Toanducht- I rember wn John Kerryt whher orot jusmoney ll be spe f y Or aeast has refredo some othe hl If y canelievehat giv a neyas sayg yes cane used

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ve saiit abo Northorea I thk has ahenonalutur d I tnk theand al has phenenalut t peopl would le toee the To gt t w Inpprecie youbeing re thank u

Okay — Whheve [indibl ster predentinauble] To th want they n't nto that fine o but would le toe abl to and fs ll dit soon grteople u and know my my t N Yor he been the vermuch e la twond aalf yrs but I kw mann t a sawhat happeng in ey couny Thdealhouldn themnd Congss wastroperlones you kw as t proply de itas naudib] Actuly de te'llet it oper don wll s wha happe I hope it goio beor theood of thpeop

Arou a gat pple an all of Yoers ree knoso mannew shoong dowthe drln Th y c probay see tt Basilly ts isomethihatto i wagoing happeanyway naudib] I wot sayhat I'o Ion'ttio thk theyhouldo it

saidver theears and tur out to d Early d lately f everyon re weapsot wano ha nucar if th's tase wcan someing ry q Thk yoveryuch d it was momts aer w theval ofce thatreasuin secretytept e Evybody Lefthe oval ficeors u know I ju

esidt tru's sigd a new exutive der exnded sanionsgainstran so nowelu isting sctions ahories weave andditiol sanions gofter t supre lear's officend y biionsf dolls of re Of thessetst w s taeting tse rponsib For ofecent tiviti — I thi you kw preouslye have sanctis sh toda I agoing to nounce- ree of hisll the senio leader Tanksheoryho is rponsib r the anian rimes forces threatie e y downg the

S unmandfor aircraft inl airsce activies The presidt has e ll be degnateds a ree ter th week So wh that m happyoe f questns Misr secrery e present i st wk thate belveshe down therone ste

By The hoe toda wouldgrnd em to dicate Miake itas intenonal a allhe way I woul't reaanythi io th hean manf thes the e execive orderhat th esiden signewas inhe works

Prevusly These aions areeopleho f ecific thing andgain — dot thinyou should terpre thisnyr than -We A desigting respsible for t chain ople who e mmand etherhey kn it or no ank yoso mucfor dog this The what is yo respoe to crics who say theanctio you'reatchinideo shootgr table bet ey're n cominback to e present ofhe predent wnegotiatge ry cle if th want tcome ba to e negoating table Fromeopleho say tse areshe's ad- ju symboc that'not th lock up ts andens ofy biions odollar — Inhe sancons ww the sanctisave be sancons he bn very the effecte in ct a her pplend I c no I c on presu I not gng t ison w ty're dng this but these l fectiv econy is t presidentaid w ok forrdo a timn releasg sanctioe n s at is as hi as yocan go insidef a why thedmintratn waed to bng it m prsure othe sationso that ihat id it not jushim it it's e leader oi [inaible]gof actities Thk you

The intelgence resrcho fs in t Unite Stateor thee glal fancialystem at is neyr asseutsideround so t answeio sationse doo intligenc ar can'tommentn anyf the spificnt s o ank yous a militaryption or sll on e tabl Comment othat e t sterecretaave yo nsulte with Arica's aies therby an from Ameca'ss alliesillb whatg sanctns simil to Consted othe specic sancons thani coersatis wh all r lies- I wa in pan n days agoeeth nance mintersndiscuss r sctions progr alle going tthe e prident topiof disssion

e tbe a In t recenadvanc thatto abthe shoing down e drone t attx taers orey and wt I sa works se of tse aren additi Al of e abov Closto milary action [iudible I'm t goino forwd to r discuson e rollg out t ecomic ounderhich wilbe great oprtunits forhe peoe of Pastine whave aerrifi grouphey ae nisterf biness lders al aroun theorld a we he abouthre gog so Iook foard tot [iudible estionou ofs this -Eviden yetrms wi be onhis doou thi at Firscommt th our iss is not with the people of Iran so I just want to be very clear we are not looking At creating issues for the peop of an hingngel Anles cnty sriff depyos seph Sano whoas st And aarentl k a guedownn Ju tth then was Beacthe xt dn coection th theeputs kilngo we ll liky beistengn on is And jusmomes wn weetur heren nw d sters Hiy sacricen yearaybe cetera tguide e itemD father tohe servis forall i Li geleountyheriff duty Joseolan kled whiloff du humafor veffectehimnyin — In m areou ling ft

Befo kp in I wid away thrgh Chrt our lo e lo be th y Top ur heas Thks to e lordur g yoknowolutn aays athe everhere

yoe foy fivehat I ght in it anI got cry sne he he theelp oless restatiorest the inthern bthe ceainty of My bause se of e prome of fremortaly to cl Ined Alright welwe willikely there meahile l's takaye live lookx Arona r Sout Mountn towe cam owings downwn Phoix in top sries of theay firstet we're going to head on over to Dallas

Wher we hav learned tthat nothg e a susciou tck that was park osie deraluildin in dotown Daas a serant with the policeepan x thir this morni? Theirime the t d ofs heren the vley is was ur thiy in t morni here Wheer waseft andoned near yore filiar wh the areaf theall lood into eed ofto the trk aawuspicis wiri they immediely called e bombquadut again we e hearin t Mahall servind Dallas fire to cck outhe truckled in a preution they shu down streetu other bldings in thareasal we the mb squad eventlly open up therailer andound jus xes insid vestigors we abl to coacthe ownerf theruck — Saidhe drir had ge o an extended bre polic are sll loing for t drir andlans toe theruck to the ty pod Agai the alllear there in downtoy good news wre to continue on wi somef the y's t sties from acrs t count It's story lot o peoere talkinboe weekenew dails erging after a frn Hawaii Fday nht Auoritie say eleven people on board were killed

There'nothin h a plancrashe durin a sky divingxi bursting intolamesnd kilng way sawusdriving this Thfire — Fimen tryinto t it out Crazy horrib the faly sui onearachuyor nter pne craed sholy taem flighthe iidentafterakingft happened Frn six thirty PM local timon a walls r shoreoth e Holulu fireepartment a the S mitary dispatched helicopters to the air Field but the plane was already engulfed iflames by t time refiters arred rcue tesay somf famil mbers theictims wereaiting on the ground at the airport and mahave seen the accident in my forty years as a firefighter here inawaii

Th is thmost tgic rcrancidenhat had nolulu mayor Kr Caldll says hes g in aweet quo at this time our tue withhe famy and fridsf the victi Hawa tnspoation deptmen offials e NTSB a takin ove t instigatn In Losngeles Christina Coleman fox news a right andust a little bit here on ns now we elanng on plang about a teminute updat from authities from er t weend As to actl wt happed there in wai with thatragi Moving on w summer lookingairpn re le winte in Colorado after a rar snow storm hits the mountains boxes MatMorrows more Ok is that wheyou first look up thisill u mithink it'she middlef wiern th mounins

Snowardings exactly wt these guyd day and fes theither m so beinLogagreen ts te eigeen Call wouldave be battling smoke from wildfiresut ts year there takin aantagef Corado hisric sw pa right now t t the high cntry isbout ars deep onverage but isome and feworenche could be dp Whh mes these guys

On trading Firsthis summer you know I feel like I should a littl patrt ybe y prram at the Salt Lake City International Airport is aiming to make flying a soth and joyabl experience for kids suffering from autism enronmen the rht sid The sal allies theyan be very distracting taking vacation might there off what kids know was routine especially wn involvn ople t bigge conces are in uerste undersnd t eironme that they're goingo benirport TSA brding the plane these miliesook the kids for their first flight well at lea aracteoundllow them to experienc- Adventure

Without er leavin thed the simulationas created eight years ago by James von a father with a child on the autism spectrum one says he hopes to help ge kids on the spectrum ando to hp giv parents a practice rouo e chale But they can be really sweet taking flying an adventure for with deepe uerstanng ofpting chther t mt excitg thing that I e themiles Alys tchese — Im very proud — That we could play a small role In in helping those kids have a have a gootime in SalLake ty En -*-oxer ne you talk In a S use after this ne top story a wildlife crossing bridge y crs a mor interate but it appears tt not everyonis Thom has me fox's L

Co day or nitou'lsee ts ocritrsig a small sayi yelloellied mart sog theire we're eg s mounin lns dr e and dicts wilife rht he to th masve oveat spendg six las of Th big abo allf the the idgeould be croing Ihat youg coleted backn Deceerwhen iwas r nce then there been o rule animals onlye've had great succs wh wildfe however no everye has bee lisning we'vead some -eoplsing the over pass were not crazy about that I've had people skii on the overpass Mountainikingunning No hiking

out W R says humanould detracr wilife Can sll hans aot could acally — Iluence their desion acrsrot eve using terririal conces if we stai e over pass anthen you show up Especiallyhis te you might have cow mse witthe calf And thea stayway with the y that

Lethe wild life crossing piece and get Used to the the crossing Yes so that it will ensur that they use it a lot more in e wildli crossing wildeep thi I ra a L Any out of their homes with dens livg pele we lingn squordg on some rms a ta otrs but with fooand trash about cditisere and medt into boae pele o we e ansion a soon o tpora will be safehers and ty House passed six seventy five a mont Glaspie says he and hi wife have I used to be like the manager

This pern on this bi Their wages jump ship on advisers game Is game Heayshere are only four bathrooms and not all o them funconing things were livable to the waternd power was shut o s weave veloped a arge

ildren hav to ta shors wi that eight out because no on rningatero wash teach is known As the city calls this illelonveion of an o urch and cditions are too dangous here to allow people to stay in humane trash memory the no wch mea living in those guys ocondions Anotherlaspt e e re ches a in he ce sh sayhe's theaid for her social security check It'sll oinw anything you see I looksroun her All right we'll one California woman thought that her wedding rings were gone for good after e hadhrow them away but anks to some loyal city workers He w wrong It happe once y

But Wednesday's garbage Ron on fulsome Skinner way was a little different Like heart racing stomach sinking different and went to put my rings on I realize they weren't where I normally leave them at night And then I ran upstairs and they weren't there speak to me about that sense of panic because you must have been just losing your nd I did I it was just almost surreal I just started crying Andrea say in Evans trying to trash of trepidation by sending some price out to grab tir bags out of the garbage Cruise had already collected

Th diand imy gat granother's it'd years old cleang arranged f annirsaryext month aost did away with what she used to say I do almost because a call to the city solid waste department Stop theruck callingher neighborodsrashnd started fineiftirocess thrgh about three hdredans words whaeveryone neaher he rown awa so u get this call anlook d youver tnk you re gng tfind ts ll afirs I w a ltle sa — dreand h disaughtd I she was I thought we're gonna we'r gonna find this ring and abt thirty minute of S Evan rusba into city workers mmaging tough refuse I don't thd bk I wasn my sthe Paper towelecau I kw I set it on paper towel

And I heard the ink And bo omy e e they arehat was gat I mn it was It was fantastic now a lot of tho the garbage Can Hot over a remarkabl fine thanks twhattvansays i rerkable fulso it st mad me feelr daught if th hadn't been willg tdump it t in search wie

would be gone and I would have lost a piece of my family histy that was so important sinc Hello a high school students finding out all month after lking acrosthe stage at hi hool gduatio tha ty dn't actually ve anoer right it's Aman Rober has the story Nearly s r gradtionearl hf othe gruati clar fiingut they're t do wh high school The sools crter n reviedll transipts oall ninety ofne hundred seven sen senior scessfuy earns diomasr completion certificates An aitiol sty ne studts werinvita e e creditto eara dipla slie Jacs is formemember the ste edution brd as well as the Orleans parish school board she says this kind of issue can appear at any kind of school aoss theountry

But sht s an iss with t adults Yes Thershouldave bn pro acti communication without student on the family She says it's still unclear whherhe stuntsradued benning school ss fiingsurely br show gradesere inapppriately changed f at ast eight udents But Ja u is now it's uto scol and chaer lders to rnheir attention tmaking sure thait nev happe again [inau] Schos They havthe totalight to y okay

Your sdent rords rtainlyour keing the fis corrtly the in oer Th rson it's ken soong An ts is bause the fes are inerr has t mad a fin decisio on e futu of K'sharter procs to reketnot staed the BuJacobsays that wld be Charrhat is the plan it is going

Becae it's verimportt that e serves to the udentst that soo t o stophe beding unrstament tsay at w as schoellhort o o ties to r stentsnd their falies Though densf stentsere tar re te exams iRola summ schooi the fall Well less than a week after the pelicans made him the number one overall pick design on Williamson's was in New Orleans that Zion Williamson Shooting hopes with the local kids

In the community have the chance to shoot First right I'm picking Zion Williamson this morning ready park It's one te thg yo On every yea When I was a kid? It's no secret believes it has a big fanbase New Orleans it was his dedication off the this gives us the opportunity to continueo give bk Because I promise a of u if Ian g y one if you can recommendion Because this was an d friend In wch all these kids no we know where they could be doing and I was street

Find ways tdecrinaliz tivies communityembers say th'rerateful kidnowave a placo nn Soany kids kids Maybe one day if they do keep striving Simir prlems a allver e world In se wa it is one Foxyocal fir east twohree This weend was prom ght in Orland a safe ple tcelebrate fox's Samaha Sa hamoreur early into rolling out the red carpet foLGBT U

A t of youeel le you can go to the problems in their schools The sales creating a problem where kids can be themselves We worked really hard to make sure that this is tru a problem we know that feels like a the India in like go To art muumsecored wit every color the rnbow t reesent acptan Allong pple tshara imrtan ocreang

enow e The spaces For l rht wll aicycle ce athe ganir descres a realive video ge happed Satura Oklahoma fox's Cornelius Hocker Has the story Yes I know now I know what it's about Shows That should keep him a Clinton's reaction after seeing all of this

agai foreoplwho aree fun obably not been on one ten years We talked to the organizer the owner of well toned brewing he described it like this real life Mario kart is probably the best description that one could give- Consider the I don't know the banana peels as water balloons in this case that's rig t rio kt manof uplay growg u But no we back out here when the racing is over and the block party starts home wrestling come f e o is eve younow I see I think this is going to be the Krabby hill part Two can be the future youl see at hapns sherf's dutyoseph Selancleagueae we willie Joe' famil f givin the worlduch

r r fami I remember ts if y need naudib] Anythi Foroday welco baw n Joeo Selanas sho andain lled earer this nth whe off dy one eaking aut him now [iudible notnow mey names Juliao It i wh a As w mrn the losof my Jose Gilbe Solan ee JC who tookare of oers bere mself t oy wahe partn tme he was aathe

Collguesh As Iat in o backyd a fe a hero days a Trr

What dauntg taskile wever inetweenhe tea kn that had toe stro sett for athing ssnot With tt i mdt Of t manho mnt so much his faly a I Josepnd regas

ete oosites imany metilous indivual mnot task ase didot lik dly disoer ihis l call referreo as aasmani vil earlke up rly anwent tbed watcng movshate referd to as ass g

Heould oen elaim can't tertai you enty fr sevebut dpite othein so ny wayent each Joph and had aassion f crossestaurts offf ouro Our jectiv was tvisit a ny as we cod witut havin ree teh haveeen toll of em alrdy Whh woulddamant deny Ever Fday i was uerstoo at t kitchen was csed fo e weekd Jose and I ao yearfor thsome rfect meTen mohs ago Ever wk in prior to e thatopen houso findustrcha Jose I want a walin clot

He wand a thr car gage a weoth waed a smming ol Afr my painaking mons w und house with l of o sires Th accomishmenroughto much j to i ring hisreeimee was compil notese imovemenprojec Elen days beforem and I foun ourlvesraveli onhe freay Toows t our ckyardga billi for en he ssed t offra? I ked hiwhy head donso

Wiout hitatioe told me Dot worrybout t small stf Mites lat we plednto th rking lnd we arned that ishootinjust ourred naudib] We bot But heold meee He aays assure mthat erythin othebelright [audibl To ter h

toucd the les of many ofhad the coy seph Gilbe Solano tnk you r your dicatioand serve To thees coun as wes youramil d fries You'll b rember forer a gel I wl holdou in heart fover a I wil cheshll the meries I n't it tsee u in heen [indible] Thk you tnty six ints but above who kno will kee an e out and sey seven thound today

F ading the three hours ahe of u New rk Stock Exchange and it's curreny abouten fif here in t valle what' happeng right n the Srmy is the loy ofhe presidentiaid minee forheedalf hon th is hapning i the wannn pre briing rms of Listightow on e th

te areonor by the psence t sff sgeant David Bellav Will reive theedal ofonor w The of t staff sgeant livia' Bad brothers ha joineds Carlouglasaltert rig Mar Joaqn menu

And rere sergeans callg fits Journastichael wheres n Oupanelis wl prove openin stateng wi staffergeanBellav I jt wanto say-hank y- in tt year – Mor iortant

nocomi- Ofhe famies tt lt — So We srted wh t new iloveany ama- d younowt's rlly t enough that war for ts country but to knowledgeow thedied a why they dr y – a lieutant — d Ionms and startemajor g rgeant C Mison think 's gotost an we lost in twl the n

No only froFalluj butor the enreg e gentman that e here h ally ty've ten this awardnesand pned Bgen brght aotf peacbecaus how mh — Justovend respt Iaveor allf tm from mcompa To overhis coanyt a ve ve diffiltime – But a man wh– Whonew in ve Sea m's a tk over at job di'tiss beatnd bught one the mite hcame bacnbac io ty the cotrk – n — W — Y know You can ask –a eutena w who n onl aves frothe fronbut me importtlye the undsre comg fro cause u stan in frt of yo ehe leade int t fantryead fro t fnt they dd frote Rand splass o misfoune the wereen who u saw the counyave eir lisfor is And serant d firstlass thretimes in Apl of t ousandour in a normaane to dy forolusiae came bkndiviala after be withs foralluja

omeack Many servi couno re yea getti injur again He one othe brest human begs evemet myife dinally- If u woulve I coider tm tbe 100% isance and witut anyurpose want babyster joualist I don'tana NCO -And I s wron — an Michael whee f resptfhe rol tt journasts he on t ttlefid Withou many men whdo thi b

We'lnever ow whate d i Our famils wld ner kno the crific thatoes o Iarmed cizw ner saw tt as aoldier And m awfugratefe it worknd wha he represts Thank yo Hey od aftnoon eryone man is colw Davibell ts comnywas – mmandernwo difrent casion a I'must pud

To beere tay to th hon- Anupport — Anncredie a long timnd canay deloldie –'y David bele Exemifies -So forervice to bere with hitodaynor is ao an horo represen — bothhe t men -Sittin at is tab — A also — Tse men weosd s David snoor his act of var butt's al elemati was ven a ossed Was a grt inftry compa I was just pud t thk you Everyo many majorhat ca ment washirdlatoon plato ader ithe ti frame of ich i – Bei aonnae discusd todayn m Withuch greatreat m — The timef the s eigeen yese Soxtreme homeas me to bed probm onlfor th guys –nd Iill sr everodyalkingll the qutionse ansred

You'reonna s rey att take for t heartf ldier for the times of the day we did Thank you Goodfternoonadies d J- ere werit not for David hereoday so I'm extremely humbled and vy appreciati Thanyou [indible] Goodfterno

My name's ma aware — Always tims emdded th Thenit The my ent That where got tight tse men love wh him be hostn d oncee're als tir love for ch oth

actual witnesslege to am a loan one moment Te see a m e flowinguch anct of var at it wahumbli to beld [inaudle] Than We wl now ke queions Make i

I'a large miliry tim s I wantedot e process e campan Is awardnd how did thago haveo takehat kee d you is or starto the ddle o that proce wn did y find outhat that thawas thatas a poss nev knew athing wld one daI receed a Sver Sr Whenid youearn tt you it'sossiblthe mel of I lened tt my sver stars okay wnm s r belie you ninated — Staff adess the pcess a wn you when you fst pposednd kd Yeahure sI I washe cpanyof ste


mmanders we rerned from luti I wte aot of ards- In thatir d – of o initiingou kw thed proces on- d haveo refe you ta probably seb- – rtainl aI didhe in the i the dails — r — And h dersto that r meta of hor it was goi to reive a loof scriny s I mad sure asked ai i I cound and tn I put it in theysteand Iuess scred mup othe ddle Hover lg it to you know I' I'm n sureiar how or wh teasoni w to the t e wateis at wasooked at I thktemonsttes a least — this case t system rks en didou For l rht — Manyeres tha n Friday that claimed the les l eleven ople weill ve the test from authories one retuedight heron newnow ccident l ailane and t Unidtates sie determinow this haened why it hae what sety measures a neede prevet frohappening Let me first ste on behf o e NTSB I'dike textend our deepe sympatht love onesn this trible tragedy Ourearts go out to ea a ery one ofou we cl theC is liottwhouream

Sison Weave a amfleven om around i structes pow plant a erations a wave a am frur filyssistae gup Which is wd oss a othero prove resours tthe w to clect t perishae hesys eviden So ttf e inveigatio we in the instigatne willot be winng we a here

ne thi Irming te do want to ntion is th we blishea a speal investative rept n thsafety of parhute jp operatio o nineen eigy one d twoetwe thsand eightnd ideified me recurng sety isss Includg anr rcraft ipection and intenae Pit perrmanceeficieies an aadequate feral oversighs a sg

thos issue areactors in is cident But it' sethinge will kp k e fact arod thisnvestition We'l he more iormati as have ather press eveaterhe da go is aftnoon will host Atnd T Bunderscoreer neroom

One tngeo need Is if y he infmationn this aidenu n ou hav ptos if youave deo pase emails At t folwing email addre witnesT NoI'm goa takeuestio willall on yoto vie Plea stateour name d your afliatn Ok o one o earlie he saithat a mafesto ere were

i there Nine c youeld We undstandocal cld elev fatalies -In thisto cidentnd again I'll ju reat tt ts is the deadest accint — In t U S iolI sie Twentyleveinitiall whene firr deased yo we s nine ni eleve d thathat hpens wn acdentsccur tt theumbers chge or timehich ioften my- We dot confied fatalies andep t numbs cngever timeent tt And Ason Le

Whwere tse two nes left ofthe mafest e queson iwhyere the two mes ft o that they we lef o thatanifes I I dot nifest that's sometng tt we wil e inveigatio infoationbout t maniftleing certaiy te pilo tircraf- Wther overght of a skyding operatnsncli operion collting perhable evideeu say ye what ec Theuestiois can descre on theilot — Couldncludet pishs be looking at t aircrtwil itselfhict recoson recoraintence We will look will inrview wiesseseill look a FAA ovsight o thi — Opation and w we accident althoh I wl ste we hav t we do uerstan thait was ear Wi aight wt any ea yes – Ishere a way like th ty work or n th planee talk to anher

ack wi the mical rative e queson is she pla ov loaded- Withoo man ople t aircrt itsf is ouitted f thirtn peop Weht andalanceas factor in theafe a calcation that eds tbe opered a that sometng will bloof this invtigati It haseen aactore d at s it'st wou beormalo look aite asell Yes- This have aistory in t thousd sixteeid ke mecnicalssues

Why wa it lowei eratio this me arod? Thquestis — You ask a questi abo and histor of t plane this The lot lost ctrolf tt aircra its sectnfhat planehe tai Bulike oer –ranspoation it mod y make se that that is specte ando we will be loong athe qualis weatr wasir wory b ford beg return to seice y You we sayinhat yoplan ye colcting the pishable to aammere reming taketld e queson is howong wilt toddnythg tthat noe we wtll t se anticite-n ree toour da and the we we movinit ta sere todae saw adeque you wch is onefe they anticate being back open fobusiness on Tuday [iudible th tha to bhere for three to four dayss thatorre increct Will b dt ple mane and t FAA t abilit oopening

In the next coli possiehey ma b made maetartin aga but it' t site somethg tha ally nds to be disssedy the FA ao thasn't en decid yet thatou menon is at corct nwe hadhe app is stl closed as a dayss to wther onot wee of have Athe plimina repor wh the alysis For fiing Weill ise a preminary rert onhis instigatn withinhe nen da a fin rept is usually ised betwe ehteen twty four nths Bu when hav man timesn th time issuergent sety recoendatis if weeel a safety of erationTo sure Site bk to m other queion as so

It w in a if th have mechical iuesn t ousandixteen and raired for plane to be an eratio ain we do t at e the qution is whethe t NTSB alwslans to an opation agn We a not theegulat t SB invtigate accents i up to theAA to couct ersigh of rcraftperatis Earliete e feet lg andhat yoveundred arned ouhe pla Esntiallyoving dnhe ruay a this int can y plan h a i wasbout fif from re from lehich isn abt a mi and a qrter Came trest ierted – Ten — rth sid of thrunwayff of Eighif youave a ack box — This pnend not tha wre any ficienes withisreaware oye

Falys far hortly or somethg likehat thdata contrited Th questn i– It — Defectith ts pa of evy inveigatio tha willook at the runwa self a acatio tomorw meahile 're taking looktouren day foxasta o use the thr lette wordhat arts with an Becaus were end ou ming u oneginni of Jy in tha tenayny one ten Se pretty ne f the valy ofhe sun cnceo get t just aittle t go ta wate In aool complnts he

All ght cing up nt he ys bore t first docratic presential debat senor Bernie Sae legislatn cceling a studt Debt gngurtherhan a siature pposal bsenato Elizabh Warn a the t parts leral base s this news conference was this mornin Thank you all very much For coming out today All I don't oftense t phrase is — But today we are in fact offering a revolutionary A proposal that will traformosa

and prove o country in many Man In a highly competitive global economy When we need the best educated work force in the world? This proposal will make it possible for eve pern in edationhey edof e Rerdless of eir fincial status Th means n onl colle But e righ to enr a tde beme aarpeer learn h to Or alumbr a sheetel

impoant jobs the kp our soety ing colete edutionumand ghtsnmerica whi a ofureoplare l c coeges univeities An B C

euitiree a debtree By tpy s d a lawinancial incentives day we e eering a pposal inhisounto get afeerso e edatio tha the nd t live o thes causehey e Amican Furthe inhe ws untry in t hisry othe wod is sily not acctabl tha r younge generionhrou aower standd olivinghan eir rent Moead

wagesnd les lelihdf owningheirwn hes colete elinate stuntts whyhis pl btn thi coury a es the absurty Of stencg an enre generaon theill generation To lifime of bt forhe cmef doinghe ghthing And tt is gngutnd gettg an yes ag e Uned Stes gernmt bail out Wal

r e legabehaor ove us io the wst recessnn mode day youheajor Wl Seet bankll lla d th are C O

' receiveuge point tworilln or to year lle fully pd For by a tax on Wlt eculion Simiro whatxist inozen of Watreeneopl baidut Now i i timeor Wltree midd classf thiount Th walls pre till ha the ded befit of contrling ll Stree recessnesnd In nineteeforty ur tre'sh

heike Wod Warwo w comg ton end US gernmt Whh made all ecation free allf theho sved in e arme force Thatct n only prove laidhe gundwor f a gre expansn ol ass

Inhe nineen xtiend Thfedel gernmtndtate govements iested hvily i higherdt s rtuall freor milons of yog peoporty yea ago deralell ant pai for arly 80% ofuiti Feoom d brdnd aour ye colle llnfortutely tngs hav anged over the yrs and anged a baday Toda itill cosover twenty the vyame sools

domef ich fiftyears aere rtuay fe day Pell gnts cov onl0% ofollegexpens d he a theesul of educionutbackigr The y t avege clee seor gradues whbout gruate with l of a fifwl thousand Thsituionsven wse f Afrinmerin ao Anat aimehen we sperately nee meocto and ntis Au

l nuing hool ofindgin emsees isome casith ree fr hured ousa dolls inebt d hes a sruthnoth ye ty stil fdhemsvesafth Th milleialeneratn was ld that the oy way they avlabl is if the recved a colle edatio be bdvic it was wro Sincwo thoanf nely doubledicollege has anwhe t btom0% of lleg gduat earless mone tn tsehog An wag forhe avegego Toy 3 of Aricanswentyle graduaa

fi and oer he a lleg cotry% ofhose dps tdegree quir colle educaon Theesultshatn ofoung ppleodayllor us worat lowage job eir standdf livis outreouslyigh vel theirwn whi te studendebt Bote hier ecati it isimeo a hithe ret b introded tay a sdent de wld bcancelnd s nths

takg th actn only prode immiateinancial Amerans whofne pnt s trilon in d enti econo provin the caelin alltudent dt whatnt study ad an eimatedne triion doarshoratomyverhe xt dece d cate uo one int ve milliojobs L

presen yrs aecau of Wa Strt ban wern theor vee ofollae d theniteStat Coness With tpaye asstanc came theiaid ll now we gillis a millio oamilss cotry lels ostudt de

dog wh ouageo d mae insadf jus worrng abo Wl S e mili andhat geratio a give thea So tss f thoseamilie th is f thoseoung peopl this i Pd dhat is wt wll proposg thank yoae ch l righalong are le in a areearing thaaestrtom whe we Spngfielan accus of killin sevenc Hampshe as expectedo appe againhis is Sprinield Dirictourt Heas beedentifd as ty Zukofskygainromestark Springeld hist pearan known a an in mentsenthould be haening Rit to contue tfollowt here onew] Ye Aotor shortness of t loop e oh onet hate in traic ving ptty sothly not qui lot of pele probly be

a Hittin tht bill rig we'll saker of the use Ncy Posialking migratnn New York earer US now it'my greonor totodaye'rn pass the Mike toongresoman nk ankou so much Misr Roach maki this posblendosti alof usere tay –'m so excite tot ofcial assemywom Calina crse Senators Ty's e viski man Day drum think at's a haveur speerf the itedy rllyxcio Stesouse of repsentates right hef soci media I'm realland prileged tbe abl to tness firsth

t e i showin Congss every sileay she is aays mindinur caucun Cgress to speak o l u n s re wit all ous sheeen a chpion for a the diffent In o coury- Ss an amazin stratisl We'rworkin on soany issue at are s iortant forhe ople o Ameri -Yes [inaudle] No gase KiBasqueas ourpeaker Posis at ththa hundreand steen Cgress Whh w kw is a me divse an moremale Coness in e histy ofe enn theoughesimes we c't ge up and whave t rk haro make it haen a twenteighen i it d indeappenohao i ppens well We wand to inte t saker she's had so many acmplishntsut on aissue on aillhat has rlly afcted s my peopl rig ren quee N York City

Ju a f weeks ago uer h thounds of dreers and T andew Yorityre in ques we wanteo be here imaril to lebre – But also tmakee Whate can d and wt the st strated toassedn theenate ao ultimaly geo w? wa to knowdge som oourn I azing pelistsere today many of un d a rkin-hrou our inur counities motiving peopl d rindi legistors at l lelsf govement whatre Ch exetive dectof Newtoprioriese Yo immigtion coation Each r fromr o N Sohankounce aga everyone for ing Ouseegin I wted to agn speerhank y so much wi us inueenso beere 've a beeearing ihe last few days Ofotentice rds atpts

veralajor citie iluding Ne York City That have caud tres pac angst memrs of o Sevel organationsncludi Audiarnd and whyee ine eve tt thesraidsple ocr Thank youpeakerelosi in case present tand quote on the Stop ts bruth would tearamilie apand inject te e spker and maybelabora on Than you vyuch commee e man and I'vefore I respon to tu for ur greeaderspn behalff the bl

Of your strictnd abo Thanyou wh you ithanki of e Hurstn all who mady this Gat Wondful tbe here with doinship andll tha y are And to be withteve ainnd thfuturend thehaliahank to hp o new coms in o cotry An ainhankll ofou in qunst's wonderful to beack queenlways Up forending gce Men to e Congsss [inaible] Heristric of her counit e fir and only Asi erican treprestew Yor A reprentativf herUted thos beautuloysittle bs a rep as owin mom's thahey can he a st at ofhe Aroprtion Cmittee

Whh is aery ceted posion inhe Coness holdg Coness ta high for ethics comttee othe Al forhese a othereasons want you to ow hespect she is inw how proud y are o her as ur reprs As a rponseo auestio let us jus w The constt reinvoratio o erica are a newomerso our couny

Rold Rean sai that the tal foe f Ameri'sald Rgan d Ofre eminencen the rld is evy new geration o wcomer w comeso Amera thathe medical fie debse Amicaae preemint e or y loopis ts ishe As psident of the Utedt sech he Stes and i was about the the nstant

tyt wabout Youth a vitity of cot at sprgs froour necome [iudib] Second milieselong tgatherhat's Famiese ndamenl maki sureharincip and Thatmmigrant not their ghts in the Utedtatesf Amera eryoneas rigs tt must be re resptednd in is nex couple of ek coinueo doub dow on what yo haveeen doing

Sohat wn two wee perio e present mtioned Is up the thehe will be baking u famies youcannot caot begnoring t right Ofmmigras tour cotry When saw tthe president soppalling is outse the cile of vilid hum havi just be kicng down ors ptting up falies? Anthe rt othatn addion happing athe bder we he gislatn tgo fward adess tse nee bn ter whathat'the int yoknow? I won ent tivatiight bor tha here evenbuI willayical at I wdidallpon The pele ofaith s oups tt had suppoedhe priden forne rson or anher

To sa i well of eve persoigni and wth e to ark odivinin ery perso ttust be behaor in thenited States So wn Ipoke to e prident and d of yr chiren arre ared y're scinghe neigors d theicommunies You'recd I thi that se of t withhe psident Iope ow ave toontinu to ke respt ppleor the digtyry and woh tf r t An recogzing that milies the lat Son in tt is rlly kd o at hpened he hidn't y what h wass l thatou kno

When io well peoe brt w say thatt is a vlation dertatn isot aeason r That'sust n so if y have Metomebod w's been cused mbe I ant aeing aused doesn'tean yorb ne the ls if you heome Guil tha youanto make a doith violaon of stuso cause thereere taing abo er Temillneople treaent and what wneed there isomprehsive? Immigrioneform witt on tethermust be woing An in rms ohat he sain his stemeo a fugeeaw

Iuote t engelic counity tesfy tus Th the U licy the voi of e futur is thaa On t wk thehe the big pporte of thPrezre They ce ito That the Unite Stateefugee resete crowjewel

Of Arican hanitarnism talk some more autde'll Th dream a inPS and D D

An thas n necesrily the regeen elsylum Progra b non t less w we lcomeple to ou count as the conan Yourack Thankou speer-se talk out ensinghat famils togeer oe knothat o ourg community lears advoces hav On t promidct forany to Cgress-f I cou ask you gu you ere are se Replican suppor r this billo and is iss when y'ro i nvince- What e som o are me of th talking pnts that wy arnndse a whe we're convce the?tryg to coressnang foruttiu this togetr a

Peloeof t houseancy the Calirnia we sti love u Someehalf of nework's foue iNew llionmmigrasnd the NY orgazation ttave tanlwork meut of the day to beere with y a Meionn thain oneente focommityctioorean mmunit servis Addar ce Aican commuties geth that' jus aew o thrganizionshat arhere becausthe from ourerspecve tre's so mu work ateedso be don both oream pmisend o othe isss

Wee mad a lf prress Yo wjust passerives cens her in N Yor Ste la wee Antoni pves ben seie you wprotecd immigrants yo New Yk Citynd uncilmber drum s crical therbut l e dreand pmise act I w ere with you coupl month o Se lncho annoce the campgnyhich were gogd to get eve o thNew York degatio and I prd tsay ot a ht tus outhere wilbe a faster yo ge bweenhewo m havehoseetai wo

On ns now fox ten era Penix poo lege misnduc b offers spking n so gna lten do a splifs all is Iun onerion othe we' ting t the'so evencef them cme mmitti anyrime But areereodayod l leas wtever spatch- otage they ha a weelie tt the will go a lo way- Tprovghat ste andhe piceo just because of prable cau T engedn on the twentsevent- Also t list you aeceived exact same freem of inrmatio a city — Thankto a cple of m hones folks othe ci uncile subtted list phras -Sohat wean and receiv a of tht soci miaessagend personal comnice t manager asstant cit manag The yor's the uncilhe chi of stff List of wh's goinnsidev

Based onhosealls iw — Justbout tharf t m that that ll wl be ry helpfun thy have- To e — At everye method Tt I didet a rponse to dated dicate tt the t freom compted — That reqsthat couldesult iyou kw thsandsfocumennd we certnly prared tgo tough th — Bu weill find out o was behd the inten the coordity h aracr of of Jay my name'in to t botto owhat the cityt is tryf e e ladin the ttin gauge innd ws in whicthey me ur jobsll harde a and certaiy hor – Foer Attney Geral To Horne Thcity wl be fmn providghe infma e e the Hars cas itas almost That had tfile an acon in cot becau we stl haveot receiv t

Thbody c foota- And ve aotice of clm to Jy elenth so — ere weoping in thiae more traparentore fm responding rardlesof what it wet ything was taken from e store an d in ts case- Trayvon wasas- Handcd tolly heless And yet e policoffe cked h in thleg very hard whh causethe fa to th oundn whi as a rest which livino Liftin andhen ty the em backp anpunche him ithe condttherhan other thanat sadism so we have to keep our eye on the ball That that nothing can justify

A what was donto these pple — Ao c lile chiren wh her Edwardassed y i n n offirs in thisasehe the the laws s that for tfhe ecomy dide turns to thsi om tt clies tthe polic ficersould yannao want yo clien file chaes agast the pocefficer I hopet laysn theit tap — do ethy is ity ow wt to shouldof theyeel that'tyw what they needo do I mn it's thet have tmake cl fore by andt what we saw o thaday

ke I call t countattorney self but wallnow ea And bilknows te and ahe city mago rst nameasis downou mak mtakeohey capick up th phonend cal of and a Day a Ban awer for you Eaier yohad mention about e possility of a boytt i on Wnesday we ha seehere leaderome ina P an uaneague vvinghain he as ree nowhop — ink we'l hr backromoc nationfter plan the pn isooks lee we'lle goil star game d a couplof oth email here so

Weo e Pressureeeds to be alied infoatio fm thcity so ll Use everyethodnd at r dispos tgen m tohe actl lawsuit- Th city has sn selement discussns witus — And l within sty dayr wdon't Than filed lawsu rht day – away okay s filewhatwo wee a so we stl haveuite a b of ti The bk tt the tot of sty dayso for The oth things we d file th citens petion at th st meengnd thedo hav fteen ys I d't knoif it's o thisy cocil Meetg b if nothis agenda Fotomorr the tn certainly item — e instrtion oi sendnformaonhead of th police department als officer althe fice invvedmesf ceainlho we nt fired iwo rg ldes this cas w uld satisfi if ty were

Suspendw I anhese younow th're anguns a and verllynds do ndo be rrained andy ne ofhemid theight tng You do kno that the procsthasit quit extsive- Budes iser senioremand Doou reaze thait e othethin re thaI do reize tt t ty of Phoen canonestly fire a emv cludin thosefficers now es thamean thathose ofces can sue for wngful teinatio duerocess rigs and not jt doest meanhat thoffice e gointo los any of tir e procsights f wrongl terminion Anhey shld absutely puue tt if ty feel tha ey areualifi -And wd the pele tte and a gunut rig now wt's whatappened in at tap w ong andusto ahead andire eseffices Iean You got to out n if y thinkhey pvail in in of arongful tminati suit gls

Bu certaly offer Mey a isp d is — Paner in that — Ta am attac comi with rerds reests ll I mn it'not that har guess Well is not thatard toues e one tsay th tt — ere arfriends a they ve likerop their the one whs thas s more inc sht I n't putt all on rlos so I n't ne any names but s 's notust you know That a then t the urce of at forhat'se Althgh he d think-ay to theand I verif that — Tt he was i eir cner so certaly town ias any u mentn that- Canou tel see ese rerdsinaudie] ASAP

Li like sterda [audibl ah Not the weekfrom n and thregiven u anyndicatner Well I mean picall thesere shou be able tget wiin a But Ihinkhat we've aedors — isoing thave aot of ople deletind anemailsight So Ifou havanythi to ad The sher -e s withnythinat all

crged Anis want th put o there eyill oe a detaableill pridehat gointo getut of em we havi wn theyere trng tocoersatie come was invold in the viral Phoenix polic aestideo chf Gerry Williams has been taking to the media to talk about Exactly — What will happen ere butgain Phoix police are investigating an incident of alleged misconduct by some of suaced of tm reonding? To splifting inciden is a store thawe'v bn following Phnix a of urse on news no on f tenxtra a we wil ntino do so foreah Flida n where antak i of announcement thisorning about a faster way to get between Orlando and Mmi let'sisten in

Go morniadies d gentlen thi is it hor fore todao annoce railstruion of gh spe tween west Pm Bch i Orndo iinally derwayinaudie] It iwords happe r as wh anyroject ofhis maitude wof coue sta o areome indiduals amany Congsshe airrt teamhee go of boardnd a otheir affo see expred in all of their staff It reallhas bnshy a I wod ao like thank the are pred Flida ea coast instriest our rtner in t of t work they' goingo do in tr rties ast raroad I want to regnm th we ha a basight he Mikeee geiis that isurn ourn thy am of enginring a overeing ts o of thmost gnifictnfrastcture He will on be ined by a tea a hundr sixtyighly wellaidgy train aot who wk in thvehicld pfessnals intenae facity tt will locat right rig here ur f prorty aitio tthehousanf jo is proje wilcreatee ll alse workg wh over thisroje

da compani on Today marks a hugeilesf step in theeinvenon ont ssenger il in erica rcin rlizati of t visio mostiggestopulatn cenrs Miami an Vising keyities ong th y rgin train t first prately fundasseng rai projecn t Sinc Henrylagler accompshmesver y o ceperatial train wl arrivend depe y fi miles hour virn trai wi be t safes most Wow excitg news out tre forf Floridians ainverybodyy name ipes so much for wching ns n w arelwan n nd us actlly livn YouTu s justead ord ke tcontin wchinhe Priden Dald Tru wilbe ow gnin a healtare ecuti live in its entiry so ju head oom It'seen aleasureing thin theast f day Mik ce wille baomorro have a great daeveryo takcare [iudib] Everhing

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