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McEnany: The mask is here to stay in Joe Biden's America


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Watch this “McEnany: The mask is here to stay in Joe Biden's America” video below:

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses President Biden’s pledge to continue wearing a mask outside despite CDC guidance. #FoxNews

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  1. The whole thing is just a big plan to divide the country. The vaxed and unvaxed. Its the plan. The vax makes people shed the disease or worse. we dont know if it's safe or effective. Just the fact hes pushing it shows me he is in with the lab coats that are there to disrupt the economy and forced lockdowns that we never needed or wanted

  2. The masks are NOT here to stay..He can stuff his mask where the sun don't shine …..And this ain't joe's America…It's ours….

  3. This is the biggest idiot I've ever seen as our president in the history of America for all you idiots that voted for for this idiot f you. A vote for Biden is a vote to give up your rights as an American and your freedoms. I know for a fact this clown is so deep into China's back pocket that it's incredible and for you idiots they can't see this you're stupid.

  4. I got a news flash for you Harris, nobody is listening to this illegitimately installed fool on anything. BTW, you are a traitor to your country for referring to him as "President."

  5. Fox News you are nothing but the network of whiners and pathetic angry morons. Biden is part of the the most at risk and Fox News wants him to catch COVID. Fox News, you are repulsive and hate filled.

  6. Plenty of people said from the beginning that they were going to continue the mask mandate as long as they're in office. It'll continue for at least the next few years unless they win again and then it'll still be here.

  7. Time to put Rivian automotive on the boycott list. They are avid supporters of BLM. When asked about their support, and spelling out all the horrible things that BLM has done, and stands for, they just said they stand behind their beliefs. BOYCOTT RIVIAN!!!! Take back your 1k preorders. I took back mine. I will not support a company that supports anti American values.

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