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Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden 'scared the hell out of me tonight'


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Watch this “Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden 'scared the hell out of me tonight'” video below:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, reacts to Biden’s address to Congress calling it ‘socialist’ on ‘Hannity.’ #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. This is already known and believed and understood among us and not surprising that joe Biden is a socialist marces communnist who embrace socialism narcissism communism who embrace communist China way of politics Joe Biden told us that communnist China ls our friend and to embrace China now what part of communist didn't Joe Biden understand right now car manufacturer in America that rely on computer chips for their cars chips from China are being held put on hold for more money so some American out of work because china holding those parts hostage but Joe biden do not mine Americans being place out of work .

  2. They still coming out with the fourth Stimulus check for low income people thats social security Retirement and thats on SSI and other groups that is below poverty line.? Plus payments of $2000 for fitst check then either its $1000 for 12 months afyer or $2000 for 12 months after .

  3. Why door all the way mostly a group of Republicans get together and expose in unity what the $4 trillion is going to fall it's not going for helping 6 million Americans that are out of work they're only giving them a chump change why don't they agree together because when you do it one of the time it sounds like it's only one Republicans opinion but if you could get a group them together it would sound like this is what they're really doing

  4. We need to tell them that they're not spending this would trillion dollars on the pole American five 6 million people that are out of work it's a cover-up but what they really spending it on don't stop talking about it

  5. The trick in America by saying infrastructure to every most people it sounds like they're going to build bridges and stick to the roads that's what in the structure means the 90% of the regular American people do you need to let the people know the infrastructure is a Creekwood and it doesn't mean fixing roads and bridges it means funding the communist plan that they have

  6. We need to keep saying that loud and keep saying it over and over the word is out that Joe Biden will except you in we need to keep saying it did the word is out all over the world come to America come to America Joe Biden is letting everyone in

  7. What will Lindsey Graham ever do without bias, racist, discriminatory, under-developed 'stuck-in-racist-criminal-republican-era politics??? It scares him to grow, to make things better for more than just himself or his cronies.

  8. Most of our leaders have swallowed their balls and surrendered to the Globalist Plan allowing the American people to be walked to Slaughter.

  9. Do you know it’s great to hear a young man actually speaking as most people feel today that we’re all in this together it doesn’t matter what culture you are a what race you are if you wanna make the place better do it together divided you lose ,and this young man is talking inner truth and that’s because everybody is tired of the old argument that is taken out at the mothballs every time we start to progress in the world in the right direction and that is we all sit down and talk together we will break bread together and we solve problems instead of creating them.
    Sending much love and light to this man and for those that I was supporting him good onya let’s keep moving don’t look back learn from the lessons that we have about the past don’t let it drag into the future resolve those issues because we can’t put those things mate we weren’t living then we are now and we can move on and make this world a better place instead of people have more money than sense, where the Democrats have unfortunately got leaders in their group or party if you like to call it that are behaving without any logic to anyone not even for themselves, they’re actually acting like they’ve lost their marbles and everybody knows it except them, but having said that they’re choosing not to recognise that they are doing more harm than good.
    So follow this young man Scott , because he’s finding solutions about the past and the present and he’s taking you to the future and that’s what we all need so much love and light shine those torches on all those that are dark and out of date

  10. Wait. Sen. Scott became a star to the racists, White Nationalists and numskulls who have infiltrated the unprincipled Republican Party? For trusting the likes of THOSE PEOPLE, for having "sympathy for the devil," Timmy's in a sunken place. I believe he'll eventually realize it, faint, and won't be able to get up. And YOU PEOPLE are nothing but shrills for them, so don't get it twisted. Many folks side-eye you because you've lost your minds.

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