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Ingraham: Experts don't like to admit they're wrong


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Check out this “Ingraham: Experts don't like to admit they're wrong” video below:

But if the experts advising our government officials want the rest of us to take them seriously, their recommendations have to be reasonable and well-founded. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle

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  1. This broadcast came to my youtube home 7 months after it was aired ! If it's trying to mae ingraham look foolish, stupid and with blood on her hands then mission accomplished !

  2. She said, I've been a notorious germophobe. because of COVID-19, not german phobic. Have nothing at all against Germans. the closed caption on YouTUBE is horrible.

  3. Somehow western people don’t like to wear masks. 99% of Japanese wear masks. Japan is overpopulated tiny country but only 5501cases today. Masks can stop Covid!! Japanese love to wear masks to protect others, and make yourself attractive! Especially men think girls with masks are cute!

  4. Laggards Are Liabilities:
    Those who fail to recognize the value in wearing face masks are either ignorant and/or naive. This makes them a danger to those they come in contact with because they’re more likely to be Covid carriers. Plus, they’re more likely to have anger issues that make them unstable. In any case, avoid them as much as possible. If they’re in your social circle or are extended family members, you may want to re-evaluate your long range strategies for surviving and thriving in the difficult times ahead. Try to minimize the liabilities in your life.

  5. President Harry Truman used to say that an expert is a fella afraid to learn anything new cause then he wouldnt be an expert anymore.
    Maybe these guy need to learn new stuff.

  6. Ingraham you are an idiot. Masks were first discouraged for the public in an effort to keep the medical workers supplied. And you ask the wrong question about face coverings. It's not about keeping the virus out, or the percentage it filters. Rather, wearing a face covering is about keeping the virus in, by trapping most of the particles a person exhales when breathing, and preventing the virus particles from being released into the air. So if everyone covers their face, keeping the virus in, we don't need to worry about filtering the virus out of the air we breathe. This information was widely available in March. Dr. John Campbell, Peak Prosperity.

  7. Hey Laura, it's now late June. And amazingly, we DO know that social distancing and masks work. Because you see what's happening due to Trump's total lack of leadership on these issues. Protective measures should unite us as a nation. Trump is using them as a means to DIVIDE our nation. I hope you improve your standard of reporting in the future.

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